Why Does My WiFi Keep Disconnecting and Reconnecting?

Hello Friends, I’m going to tell you about WiFi disconnecting problems. Most of the Broadband user who uses the WiFi on Laptop or Mobile. While using the internet, getting disconnected from a wireless network, the computer might try to reconnect to the network as soon as this happens still it is annoying. One might think […]

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WiFi Zone

How to Create WiFi Zone in Your Home or Office?

Getting connected to a hotspot on the go is what everyone wishes for, isn’t it! And well, that’s why WiFi hotspot zones are most popular among the smartphones users. “Wanna Hang out? Of course, but only where I can connect my phone to WiFi”, this is how technology plays with its mind games with the […]

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virtual private network

Virtual Private Network : What is Benefits and Limitation of VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is one of the topmost networking mechanism For IT companies. Everyone wants to hide our identity and works in private zone.  but VPN cannot make an unknown network. but it hides your privacy and security. Nowadays, Most of the companies and users make our private network area over the public network. it […]

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