internet of things

Cyber Risks in an Internet of Things World

For many, the idea of WiFi routers turning into secret spies and smart home assistants listening to private conversations sounds like a Hollywood movie plot, and yet it is very real. In fact, the risk of being compromised through Internet-connected devices is becoming a serious issue both for individuals and organizations due to existing vulnerabilities […]

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Hard Drive

5 Tips for Hard Drive Maintenance to make Longer and Smoother

The hard drive is that which stores all your information. It is what all your files and folders are located. It is slightly larger than your hand. It can store over 100GB of data. The hard disk is the most important one as it holds entire system data. The hard drive dies prior than they […]

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outlook express

How to Restore and Import Email Data in Outlook Express?

Yes! Outlook express items restoration is so simple and it can be done by you. I am going to tell you about Outlook restoration. Restoring different items is easy. But, if someone uses different names in Outlook Express, then it might require the re-generation of identifications prior following the steps meant for restoring the items. […]

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online transactions

10 Tricks to Follow for Secure Online Transactions | Tech Prompts

Hello, Friends, are you doing the online transactions? Or you want to make online transactions. This both question is a risk for your online transaction. If you do not avoid such things while online transactions. Then you would be scammed by hackers. Every day, a lot of people is scamming on the internet by scammer […]

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What is the Difference Between USB Version 2.0 | 3.0 | 3.1?

Hello, Friends, are you know about USB 2.0/3/0/3.1? Lots of people confuse about Version, So I am going to tell you about the basic difference. Generally, when we have need of Pen drive then we go to market or online and buy any one brand of pen drive from there. But we do not consider […]

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