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How to Create WiFi Zone in Your Home or Office?

Getting connected to a hotspot on the go is what everyone wishes for, isn’t it! And well, that’s why WiFi hotspot zones are most popular among the smartphones users. “Wanna Hang out? Of course, but only where I can connect my phone to WiFi”, this is how technology plays with its mind games with the generations. With the increasing smartphone users all around, Wi-Fi hotspot zone has become an essential mandate in every public and private region.

From hotels to classrooms, a WiFi zone helps in collecting more audience in the region. From a tablet to a laptop, most of the users encourage the freedom of browsing conveniently in public and private regions.

A coffee shop where a writer wishes to charm his words on the manuscript with the help of Wi-Fi hotspot zone! This brings us closer to the need of introducing Wi-Fi hotspot zone for convenient and hassle-free social browsing experience.

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Resources required

In order to set up a WiFi zone, there is a certain list of resources that you will need. Some of them are:

  • Wireless Router: the Wireless router will cost you between $50-100.
  • LAN Cable: In case of internal connections, you will also need a LAN cable on around 1 meter to cable the network properly.
  • Desktop/ Laptop: This device is used for configuration and testing the network.

You can use your smartphone as well to test the speed and range of the network.

Areas of Implementation

Speaking of where one can create Wi-Fi zone, the list might be endless. But some of the most common dimensions where implementation of Wi-Fi zone is an increasing demand are:

  • Shopping Malls: Because people encourage browsing products on the online store while shopping outside while uploading selfies on their social media platform!
  • Cafeteria: Because research and brainstorming can only be successfully implemented in a calm cafeteria!
  • Hotels: Checking-in hotels will need a Wi-Fi around!
  • Corporate Buildings: Because your corporate guest sometimes needs a Wi-Fi connection to browse the best corporate ideas to close the deal!
  • Railway/Bus Station: Public transport stations must be a Wi-Fi zone for the public to communicate to their loved ones on their journey plans. Such services also help in checking the status of the Trains or buses accurately.

Create WiFi Zone

To configure the WiFi zone, you must connect your modem to the Router with the help of LAN cable. One must install the LAN cable in the router on the input segment. Now you need to connect your laptop or desktop with the router. Follow the steps below to configure your Wi-Fi zone successfully:

  1. Connect one more LAN cable to the router under output segment where the other point must be connected to the desktop/laptop Switch on both the devices now.
  2. To set-up the connection, one must select Username and password in the setup settings of the router.
  3. To set-up, the same, type the IP address: on your browser address. The page will ask for Username and Password as provided by the service care delivering router. You can also find the information on the same on the manual provided with the box of the router.
  4. After successfully signing in, you will be asked to enter the password and ID of your network.
  5. Under the wireless segment on your screen, you must enter the name of your Wi-Fi zone.
  6. If you wish to create free Wi-Fi zone, keep the password empty. However, it is highly recommended that one must keep the Wi-Fi zone password protected to avoid misuse. That will help in securing your Wi-Fi zone. In case a user needs to access your Wi-Fi, they will ask for the password permit.
  7. To enter the password, you must select WPA2 security of your browser window, and enter the password for your Wi-Fi.
  8. Once the set-up is complete, all you need to do is find the name of your Wi-Fi on any device and connect! Your connection is successfully configured! Please remember your WPA2 password in order to connect any device to the Wi-Fi zone.

Uses of WiFi Zone

wifi zone

Well, speaking of benefits of Uses/benefits of WiFi zone, the list is endless. Let’s understand the same with an instance:

Start-up companies don’t grow in a day’s time, states the fact! It requires a lot of focus to generate revenues to set-up an office initially. But what about the time before setting up an office!

You will find potential and successful entrepreneurs sitting in a small cafeteria ad preparing a presentation or Business Plan to present in front of the investors. And the place they choose for their comfort must mandate WiFi zone. This instance brings us closer to the benefits of Wi-Fi zone in different regions.

Users can enjoy web connectivity on the go! They save extra bucks from spending the same on a regular data plan. Because what they need is now delivered by Wi-Fi zone.


Advantages of creating a WiFi zone can be limitless. The fact cannot be changed that every user is somewhere dependent on the technology worldwide. With the increasing number of smartphone users and laptop users in the world, the dependency of the internet is highly increased. And with the same, increased is the need of Wi-Fi zone in several regions.

Some of the certain advantages that are most enjoyed by the users are:

  • Less money spent on Internet data packages: When users find Wi-Fi zone everywhere, what would they need data for?
  • Better Branding: Cafes and hotels that offer Wi-Fi zone are highly preferred than those who do It also affects the brand image and value in front of potential clients.

And many more


Speaking of the limitations of Wi-Fi zone, many users are convinced of the fact that security is a primary issue when they access information from their system to the Wi-Fi range. And thus, it is highly advised that users must be strict on the purpose of using Wi-Fi zone. If you can carry your personal wireless hotspot modem with you, it’s a convenient choice to keep your data and information highly secured.

The range of the Wi-Fi zone can be another troublesome job. Well of course, if you wish to catch the star bucks Wi-Fi zone while you are standing on the other side of the road, the range can be a bit knotty. In order to run the connection smoothly, it is vital to keep your devices under the range of the zone.

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As a whole, creating a Wi-Fi zone might have its own pros and cons; but truly it can help users in many variations. Who doesn’t like to browse their social media platform while they are getting bored shopping around with their wife? And Wi-Fi zone helps you with limitless options, isn’t it!

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