Windows Command Prompt is an Essential Part of Operating System.

A computer geek always searches tips and tricks about command prompt.  because cmd command is an essential part of the Windows Operating System. Windows command prompt sometimes called cmd. There are several tricks that let you perform a variety of tasks through Command Prompt. It was something that was considered to be meant only for the technically advanced. However, the times have changed for better. Command prompt commands have become one of the best sources for the special features and fun tasks. Check out the best Command prompt tricks for your benefits.

Exciting Command Prompt Commands

You can be guaranteed about the command prompt tricks and command prompt hacks included in the list that we have compiled. Well, there are a few commands that may appear to be mundane or boring. Some CMD Commands let you perform certain unknown tasks.

Well, there is one trick that would help you watch the entire Star Wars Episode. And that too from within the Command Prompt itself.

Let us check out the exciting command prompts in this article.

#1.Use Command Prompt Automatically

Running Command Prompt as an elevated command can be an important task most of the time. Running a command as elevated one would mean running it with administrative privileges.

command prompts

Of course, you can right click on the command prompt and click Run as Administrator. But, if you are someone who needs to use the command prompt quite too often, creating a shortcut for the same should be something that can be a time saver.

command prompts


Create a shortcut on the desktop. Right click on it to choose Properties.  Inthe Advanced option under the Shortcut tab, choose Run as Administrator. So every time you want to run Command Prompt in the administrator mode, just click on this shortcut.

#2. CTRL+C To Abort A Command

Yes, you can easily stop a command midway. You might have entered a command accidentally and do not want to execute it. There is a way you can stop the command.

command prompt

Well, if you have not yet executed a command – you can always press the backspace button to erase it. However, in case you have already executed it, you can use the command CTRL+C stop its execution. You may want to undo a DIR command, or not sure of what you want to do further. The Abort command can be useful in such circumstances.

However, it may not be possible to undo the actions that you have already been completed.

#3.Command History

The Command History can be accessed through this command. Though it may not be much help in many ways, it can be a good option though.

The command lets you check out the commands that you have executed so far through command prompt. Maybe you have forgotten the commands you have executed a couple of days ago. You may or may not remember it. Just enter the command here and get to know the commands you have entered.

command prompt

Dos key/history

#4.View Results in One Page/One Line at a time

Maybe the commands like DIR will produce so much information on the screen that it would be useless. But, don’t worry – you have an option.

Add I more to the command and the information should be presented in one line or one page at a time.  The quite simple procedure should help you execute the command.  Type in the command, follow it with a pipe character and add up more command. That does it.

command prompt

For instance, the command dir /s | more will generate thousands of results but will stop at each page. Pressing the spacebar will advance you to the next page of results.

#5. Scan System Files and Folders

This command should be the best option to help you solve the problems that your Windows installation may be having. The command should also fix the issues if any.

command prompt


It scans the Windows system files and checks them for the errors if any. If the scan finds any issues with the system files, it fixes them.

#6.Hack the Prompt TextThrough Command Prompt

The Command Prompt itself can be customized to suit your requirements if any. The customization to the Command Prompt happens to the highest degree.

command prompt


Executing the command should bring up the options with which you can customize your command prompt. You can decide to get the current date, Windows version number, drive or path. If you are not happy with the customization or want to get back to the default – just type in Prompt without any additional quotes.

#7.Speed up Internet Using CMD Hacks

The slow internet may not always be an issue with your ISP. Even releasing IP addresses or resetting the configuration can be helpful in sorting out the slow internet issues.

You can ping your default gateway to check the time taken to get a response from your gateway.

Ping -t<your default gateway address>

command prompt

A low value will indicate that the network speed is faster enough. However, make sure you are not running too many pings unnecessarily.

You may also consider releasing and renewing the IP addresses. This can affect and improve your speeds in case you are using Wi-Fi signals.



There are many other additional command prompt tricks you can use to speed up your internet.

#8.Help on Any Command

Are you confused what a particular command can do and what syntax you should use with it? Here is the best command that should help you with this dilemma.

command prompt

Well, there is a command prompt trick that would help you get HELP about a command. However, sadly enough, the help is not available on every command. Just use the prefix the command on which you want to have help with, /?. Executing this command should help you with the syntax and the information on what it can do for you. It also offers you a few examples.

#9. Remove Virus on USB drive using CMD

Virus performs by changing the attributes of a file. If you can access the file through the Command Prompt and change the attributes of the file so that it can begin working normally.

Some of the viruses of this nature would be Autorun.inf, Ravmon.exe, New Folder.exe, and svchost.exe.

You can use this command to check for the attributes and change them to recover the file.

ATTRIB [+ attribute | – attribute] [pathname] [/S [/D]]

command prompt

The plus and minus sign would indicate the enabling and disable the attributes. You can consider changing the attributes like -r -a -s -h *.*

-r stands for Read Only

-a stands for archive

-s stands for system file

-h stands for hidden file

*.* stands for all files with all extensions

Once these attributes are removed, you can delete the file easily.

#10. Check Drive Structure

If you want to check the directory structure of a drive, you may use the tree command. You can use it for any of your drives to check the directory structure.

command prompt


Since the information provided by the execution of this command is so enormous, it would be advisable to save it to a file on your device. It would be a good idea to have a better look at it.

#11. Watch Star Wars Through Command Prompt

You can watch the Star Wars Movie through your Command Prompt. Isn’t that something wonderful?

Use the following steps for the purpose.

command prompt

pkgmgr /iu:”TelnetClient”                             

Please note that you need to use the Command Prompt as an administrator. Once done, execute the following command.


The movie should run with ease on your Windows PC. There are similar ways to run the command on Linux and Mac OS as well.

#12.Launch Command Prompt On Any Location

Having to use the Command Prompt commands over and again can be quite frustrating. Using Cd/chdir commands quite often can be tougher at times.

Not to worry. You can now launch Command Prompt on any location on your PC. Navigate to the folder where you want to begin working on with the Command Prompt. Once you are there, press and hold down the Shift key and right-click anywhere on the screen. From the context menu that appears, choose the option Open command window here.

This trick should be helpful for a power user in more ways than one.

#13. Find The License Status of Your Windows Installation

Windows product key is an important part of your computer’s operating system. Making sure that you have the legal version of the Windows operating system can be quite easier with this Command Prompt hack.

There are several ways you can check your product key. One of the methods is to use the Command Prompt for the purpose. Use the following command.

command prompt

wmic path software licensing service get OA3xOriginalProductKey

The trick should work for the retail and OEM licenses as well.

#14. Hide A Drive In Windows Using Command Prompt Trick

You may want to hide a few of your drives since they contain your important files. Command Prompt lets you do it easily.

  • Launch the Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  • Type in Diskpart. accept any of the prompts to get a new window.
  • Type in list volume. You will now get a list of the drives listed as volume numbers 1,2,3 etc and denoted by the letters C, D or E.
  • Check the drive you want to hide.
  • Type in select volume x (where x is the drive number) and press ENTER.
  • Check the letter associated with your desired drive.
  • Type in Remove letter X (where x is the drive letter)

command prompt

That does it. The chosen drive letter will be gone.

#15. Find keyboard shortcuts for your Windows 10 using your Command Prompt

This is the newest trick that would be helpful in many ways. Windows 10 offers the list of all keyboard shortcuts at one place. There is a command prompt that would help you out.

You need to enable the keyboard shortcuts in the command prompt. In the Windows 10 final build, the option is turned on by default. If not, you may turn it on through Properties option on Command Prompt.

There is a host of Keyboard shortcuts you can use through the Command Prompt. You can check out the options available once you have enabled the keyboard shortcuts on the Command Prompt.

In Conclusion

Well, that would be the list of the best possible Command Prompt tricks you can use on your Windows PC or Laptop. The top 15 tricks included in this compilation should be helpful in achieving the best results with all your requirements.  Do note that this is not a complete and exhaustive list in any way. If you want more such tricks and Command Prompt hacks for your Windows PC, we will share more such tricks in the days to come.

Have you used any of the Command Prompt tricks in your day to day usage? If you have, do share your experiences with those tricks so that our readers can benefit from your experiences.

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