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Basics Of Belkin Range Extender Installation | Belkin.setup

Today, we are going to discuss unboxing and setting up the Belkin Wi-Fi range extender. We will be starting with a dual-band Wi-Fi range extender. It is easy to install and works with all routers and it can easily eliminate the dead spots and gets wireless coverage throughout your entire house as you can see on the diagram displayed on the outer box. It has the operating spectrum of up to 300 MBPS for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band.

Belkin Extender Introduction

It also comes with dual-band antennas and these two antennas plug into your outlet.

On the back of the box, you will see 3 easy steps. First, you just plug into the wall outlet wherever you want your extender to extend your Wi-Fi network. Then, you need to go into the settings either on your smartphone or your laptop.

You will see the onscreen instructions, you will see the extender network name to which you need to connect your laptop to, open the website and set up your Belkin extender. Once you unpack your extender from its packing, the first thing you will see is a manual card that shows 3 steps to set up your wireless extender.


Belkin Range Extender Setup-

Under the extender, you will find an Ethernet port, if you want to connect an Ethernet cable during the setup process to set up the extender via an Ethernet cable connection. On top of most of the Belkin extenders, there is a WPS button to connect to your wireless devices via WPS setup.

Once you plug in your extender, you need to go ahead and open the Wi-Fi settings on your device (Computer Or Phone) and click on the Network By The Name Of Belkin.setup. Now, open a browser like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer and you need to type in belkin.range Or in the address bar and it will take you to the setup page of the extender.

Now, tap on “get started” tab and it will start searching for your Wi-Fi networks in your area and then it will ask you which network you want to connect to. You need to select your router’s Wi-Fi network and click on “next”. Once you click on next, it will prompt you to enter the “network password” of your router and after entering it, it will be connected with your router’s network. Make sure that the password is valid while typing in the password during the Wi-Fi setup.
Once connected successfully, it will ask you if you want to extend your second network, in case your router supports dual-band networks. If you want to establish 2 connections with your dual-band extender, make sure you remember both passwords while entering during establishing both wireless connections.

You will notice that once you are connected with your extender the LED light which was amber prior to making a wireless connection will turn green after successful connection. Now, go to and run the speed test of your internet to verify the internet speed if it is the same as provided by your internet service provider.

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