Virtual Private Network : What is Benefits and Limitation of VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is one of the topmost networking mechanisms For IT companies. Everyone wants to hide their identity and works in a private zone.  but VPN cannot make an unknown network. but it hides your privacy and security.

Nowadays, Most of companies and users make our private network area over the public network. it allows authenticated remote access using encryption. we have listed some features of the Virtual private network.

What is Virtual Private Network?

A virtual private network is a paid service that keeps your web browsing private and secure over public Wi-Fi hotspots. VPN’s also helps you to evade government censorship restrictions and can also get past regional restrictions for music and video-streaming sites.

The ability to use a VPN is considered as the most important skill that any computer user should possess. A Virtual private network allows internet users to access blocked content around the web.

VPN also allows the users to remain anonymous and secure their online experience through tools like encryption. With the help of a Virtual Private network, one can completely avoid content restrictions. An Internet user can easily download music, videos, chats on forums and access sports streams.

How does VPN work?

Virtual private network
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VPN’s can be used on mobile devices, laptops, and desktops from Operating System. Internet users are able to access the web from a Virtual Private Network server with the help of VPN connection.

You can make Virtual Private networks through Operating-system Such as Windows, macOS, and Linux Operating systems. And most of smartphone allows making a VPN. VPN can be accessed and managed through Windows Command Prompt, Unix shell command and Windows PowerShell. but If you want to make it user-friendly then you can use GUI application of VPN. many VPN applications are available in the market for mobile and laptops.

A VPN is a type of middle layer connection that site between you and your internet content. Sometimes access to the entire internet is restricted by the internet content providers. VPN use encryption to break this restriction and allows access to the blocked content.

Types of Virtual Private Network

Several types of VPNs are available for internet users. Each type of VPN offers something different in terms of scope and security. VPN also differs by the types of protocols used by them. The available VPN types are:

  • PPTP – Point-to-point tunnel protocol or PPTP is a very common type and has been in use since Windows 95. Although PPTP is an older protocol but is very easy to set up and can be vulnerable to third parties and hackers.
  • SSTP – Secure socket tunnel protocol or PPTP is a Microsoft protocol which is supported by Windows. It can bypass firewalls and uses v3 and SSL. This protocol is considered more effective and safe than PPTP and can be configured to use AES encryption.
  • IPsec/L2TP – Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol doesn’t offer any encryption. It creates the tunnel information to travel through and IPsec handles the secure encryption. The encryption is considered effective but can be slower because traffic has to be converted to the L2TP form with encryption.
  • Open VPN – Open VPN including OpenSSL encryption library and SSLv3/TLSv1 protocols make use of open-source technology. Open VPN is considered as one of the safest options and is highly configurable on the web.
  • IKEv2 – IKEv2 also known as Internet Key Exchange is a response/request pair protocol. It uses X.509 certificates for authentication with a shared secret.

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Benefits of VPN

  • Enhanced security – The data is kept encrypted and secured when you connect to the network through a VPN. In this way, it keeps the information away from hacker’s eye.
  • Remote control – One of the biggest advantages of having a VPN is that the information can be assessed remotely even from home or any other place in case of company. In this way, VPN increases the productivity within a company.
  • Share files – If you have a group that needs to share files for a long time period, then a VPN service can be used.
  • Online anonymity – The web can be browsed in complete anonymity through a VPN. Compared to web proxies or IP software, VPN service allows you to access both websites and web applications in complete obscurity.
  • Bypass filters and unblock website – VPNs proves to be great for bypassing Internet filters and accessing blocked websites.
  • Change IP address – VPN is helpful when you require an IP address from another country.
  • Better performance – Efficiency of the network and Bandwidth can be increased once there is an implementation of VPN solution.
  • Reduce Costs – The maintenance cost is very low once VPN network is created. Once a service provider has opted for you then the surveillance and network setup is no more a concern.
  • Business Research – Businesses along with proprietary information doesn’t want to offer a chance to the hackers to access critical data. VPNs can also allow employees a secure solution and an anonymous online experience for encrypting online communications.

Limitations of VPN

  • A detailed understanding of careful configuration/installation and network security issues is required to ensure sufficient protection on a public network like the Internet.
  • The performance and reliability of an Internet-based VPN are not under direct control of an organization. Instead, the solution depends on an ISP and their service quality.
  • Earlier, due to issues with VPN technology standards, the VPN products and solutions from different vendors have not always been compatible. An attempt to mix and match equipment may cause technical problems and the use of equipment from one provider may not give as great a cost savings.
  • Slower VPN speeds could become a factor, depending on a router, its set-up and a number of connected devices to a router. It is always better to try a few different VPN servers to test which will let you know the best servers according to your needs.


VPN is very helpful for all internet users. Once you just need to know the pros and cons of the available VPN services. Once that is successfully done, then connecting to a VPN server to stream your favorite shows or for added privacy while abroad is just a click away.

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