Top 10 Tips On How To Maintain Your Printer

Given the importance of a printer in an office or home, having some knowledge on how to maintain your printer can be quite rewarding. It will save you the hassle of going to the market for a new printer now and then.

Basically, it’s is a challenge to maintain any electronic stuff that you don`t use often. This applies to the printers. You may leave it in a good condition, only to come back after two weeks and Alas! The machine isn`t working. This happens especially when you want to print an urgent document. 

If you have been going through this stress, the tips below will have you covered.

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Clean the head of your printer

In most cases, dust is the main cause of a printer’s failure or any other electronic. Hence, it is necessary that you remove its cartridge and then clean its head using some warm water. Once you are done, allow your print head is fully dry before you fix it again. Cleaning should be done in intervals of one month.

However, most people go wrong when they decide to use alcohol or even wet tissues to clean the print head. Do you do the same? Now you know that’s it’s wrong. 

Remember to clean inside parts of the printer

Cleaning the insides is very important. This prevents dust from clogging in your machine Dust build-up reduces the efficiency of a printer. When cleaning the insides, be sure not to apply force. This applies to cases of stubborn stains.

Be sure to use wet Q-tips and soft bristles to do away with the stains. Instead, compressed air would be a perfect option to eliminate the dust. Some people prefer to use a vacuum to remove the dust. But that’s a wrong move except if the vacuum is pressure-controlled.

Refill your cartridges with quality printer ink

The quality of the ink you use on your cartridges determines how long it can go. Due to the increase in printing-related tasks, printers are in high demand. This has attracted several companies producing printer’s ink.

Some of them offer low-quality printer ink that will ruin your cartridges and the printer. To ensure you don’t become a prey to low-quality print ink sellers, look for Blue Dog Ink. It is top quality printer ink that will give you amazing print results.

Replace your cartridges often

Using cartridges even after they are dry trigger damage to your printer. Ensure that you replace them before they are completely dry. The software of your printer will alert you once your cartridges levels are below the normal levels.

Note that dry cartridges will cause your printer head to tear. This means buying another printer which is a costly exercise. You can avoid it only if you observe the above rule.

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Keep checking under the printer’s hood 

Many are the times when you are so much concerned with the toner cartridge forgetting to check under the hood. There might be broken parts inside and by not checking inside your printer will stop functioning unexpectedly.

However, you can buy a printer with an in-built diagnostics. Such a printer will alert you in case of any inner tear and wear. That way, you can take corrective measures. This literally stops more damage to your printer.

Also, you can consider purchasing a printer maintenance kit. This one will be quite helpful when it comes to cleaning the fan of your printer. This also includes susceptible parts of the printer that tend to amass dust as well as residual ink.

Go for quality spare parts 

At some point, you will have to shop for your printer`s spare parts. Just because they are spare parts doesn’t mean that you have to give a blind eye to their quality. Good quality spare parts will enhance the durability of your printer.

Also, the spare parts should be original not to mention that they should match the model of your printer.

Use Up to date drivers 

Unfortunately, this is one of the things most printer users forget. However, it’s a crucial printer maintenance tactic. Keep downloading the up-to-date drivers.  After you download the latest drivers, install them. 

Such a move will keep the printer in excellent working condition. Good thing that today the market has printers that will alert you once your manufacturer`s website gets a new driver. Unfortunately, many printers users disregard such notifications.

Several printer`s hardware malfunctions are triggered by outdated drivers. Hence, checking the website of your manufacturer regularly will keep you informed concerning the recent drivers.

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Use the printer often

As earlier pointed out, electronic malfunction or stop functioning completely if they are not used regularly. This happens to printer users who do not require printing services often. Sadly, failing to use your printer will destroy it.

To ensure the printer remains in good working condition, be sure to print a few pages occasionally. While this may sound unnecessary, it’s a step that will prevent your printer from getting spoiled.

Place the printer in a safe place

Many are the times when you can be tempted to place a printer on any open space. Looking for a quality printer can be quite overwhelming. This is especially if you don’t have a specific model or a good manufacturer in mind. As a result, you reach home dying to place the printer in any space that you meet.

Printer’s functions well if kept on a flat surface that’s spacious and well ventilated. Ensure the place isn’t prone to dust.

Use quality print papers

Low-quality print papers will shorten your printer`s life. To get a good print, you also need a great print paper. For instance, you can use print papers from the same brand with your printer. This is not compulsory though. Alternatively, you can use papers from other brands but you must never compromise on quality.

That said, you can use your printer for years. All you have to do is buy a super quality printer then follow all the above maintenance tips.

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