How to Fix Common Canon Printer Errors?

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In this post, we are going to List most & Mazor canon Printer error codes & how to Fix Common Canon Printer errors, if you have any setup related Problem With canon Printer setup then go to the canon printer official website & download the canon driver from web page from the main website

Canon Printer Error B200

This error code is shown because of an ink cartridge error which shows up while the chip on the ink cartridge is not able to read the information accurately or potentially the chip is faulty.

To settle it, ensure that the contacts on the cartridge are very much cleaned.

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Canon Printer Error Codes 306

➔ Among different normal types of Canon Printer error codes, another is error 306 which is shown while you are trying to endeavor a printing procedure from the Canon Printer by means of Mac

  1. Tap on “Apple icon” which can be discovered situated at the top left side of the screen.
  2. Hit on “System Preferences‘.
  3. Tap on the” Print and Fax” symbol.
  4. If you find that the padlock in the base left is locked then, click to enter your secret key and hit “OK” button.
  5. Next, clients are encouraged to evacuate the printer and after that, tap on the “+ ‘ sign to include it again while leaving this alternative on default mode

Canon Printer Error 5100

➔ This is an error that happens because of damaged issues in the carriage encoder flag. To determine this error, play out all the following guidelines given beneath:

  1. Check for any sort of obstructions prompting the carriage’s movement.
  2. Reseat the ink in the next stage.
  3. Next, you are asked to reset the ink absorber deliberately.

Canon Printer Error 5200

➔ It is because of the print head overheating issue.
To determine the issue, turn down the printer to let it cool off first and turn it on once more.

Canon Printer Error 5700

➔ This is an issue with the sheet feeder area.
To settle it, it is prompted for clients to replace the sheet feeder. Substitution is vital as gears in the printer or even in the sensor have turned out to be flawed and need to settle quickly.

Canon Printer Error 6A00

➔ The 6A00 error happens because of the complete jam of the cartridge

  1. Turn off the printer first
  2. Hold down all the underneath given buttons for no less than 10 seconds: I. black photocopy button II. Red cancel button III. On/Off Button
    1. At that point deliberately release the On/Off button of the printer.
    2. After turning on the printer, release every single other button carefully.

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Canon Printer Error 6C10

➔ it’s an issue with the “Resetting of the waste ink absorber’ of a Canon printer.

  1. Ensure that you have turned off the printer first.
  2. Press and afterward, hold the ‘Resume button ” of the printer.
  3. While holding this button, simply hold down the” Power button”. Here you will see that the green led light will show up.
  4. Release the ‘Resume button’ and after that hit it twice. You will see that the light will squint.
  5. Discharge the Power button next deliberately.
  6. Press down the ‘Resume button for no less than four times and afterward hit on ‘Power catch’ to affirm that the selected action is well working.
  7. Turn off the printer and after that turn it on again to finish the procedure.

this is is also known as error 6000 so go to Guide on how to fix canon error 6000 to know more about the issue.

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