How to Setup Window Deployment Server | WDS Setup

Hello, Friends, Probably! You have needed of WDS. Because it Enables You to Deploy Windows Operating System over the Network. So I would like to tell you about Windows Deployment Service. What is Windows Deployment Services? The WDS is Window Deployment Server which is a server technology created by Microsoft for network-based installation of Windows operating system (OS).

It is also called as successor to remote installation services for Windows Server 2003. WDS enables to deploy Windows Operating system. This doesn’t mean that each operating system needs to be installed through DVD or USB drive. WDS is released in each version. To use windows deployment server there is some mandate thing which needs to be followed

Essential Requirements for WDS  

  1. The Windows Deployment Services server must be the member of an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and for that user need to install active directory in Window Server 2012 R2.
  2. To Install Active directory user system should have Domain Name System (DNS) need to be available in the system and if not then install and configure DNS in Window Server 2012 R2.
  3. As Windows deployment server works on PXE IP address. Hence to use it user must have Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) which have active scope on the network
  4. The last and most important point that user must have the appropriate credential to install the role. That means the user must be the member of local domain or domain admin and hard disk volume must be NTFS (New Technology File System).

To Install and Configure WDS

  • First of all, In Windows Server, Sign-in with domain admin and after sign-in the post that Open Server manager.
  • After reaching Server Manager, Click Manage and click on Add roles and features then proceed further.
  • After proceeding further, Select installation page will get open, on that click on Role-based or feature-based installation and click to next.
  • After clicking next, it will redirect to Select destination server page on that select appropriate server and click next. It will notice that by default MS2.technig. the local server is selected.
  • Now Select server page will get open, then scroll down and select Windows Deployment Serviced check box. The box of Add features that are required for Windows Deployment serviced will open and on that click Add features and proceed to next. This task will install the Windows Deployment Services Tools which include in Windows Remote server administration tools.
  • After install, on the select features page click next.
  • When reached to Windows Deployment services page for clarification read all information and click next.
  • It will lead to select role service page, in which select the role services to install for Windows Deployment Services. In case the user wants to install both the Deployment Server and Transport Server leave their role service by default. Click Next.
  • Finally, reach to confirm installation selection page and on that click install.
  • When installation gets complete then click close and go to server manager dashboard and configure it.

wds works


Note: Windows Deployment Service cannot be managed using the Remote Server Administration Tools.

This is the step to install the windows deployment server and after installation configure it so that it can run successfully.



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