How to Troubleshoot and Fix Windows Blue Screen Errors

A Stop Error is also called blue screen errors; it can occur if an issue comes on PC to restart or shutdown unexpectedly. When you have this type of error, you won’t be able to see things like Window taskbar manager or start menu when your PC turned on. Instead, you can see a blue screen with a message that your PC ran into a problem and that needs to start.

{For example- 0x00000df, 0xdasdfafa, 0x00g etc}.

Windows Blue screen ERRORS when:

  1. Windows, it detects that the hardware has failed in a non-recoverable fashion.
  2. It defects the error it cannot recover from without losing any data.
  3. It defects that critical OS data has been corrupted.
  4. The exact text displayed has been changed over months from a dense wall of information in windows {you prefer} to the sparse message employed by the modern view of windows.

Run an Online Diagnostic:

Much software has been created but no one has been guaranteed, so Dell has created a set of the online diagnostics that can only identify problems with your PC hardware or configurations that may be causing the blue screen issue.

Read More:

Common Blue Screen Errors Messages:

STOP 0x000000ED {Unmountable_Boot_Volume}.
STOP 0x0000007B  {Inaccessible_Boot_Device}

stop error

These two errors have the same cause and the same Troubleshooting steps apply to them. This stop causes only at the startup process. When you encounter these stop codes the following has happened:-

  • The System has been completed on the POST that means Power on Self Test.
  • The system has auto loaded the main process that is NTLDR and sent to startup processes to NTOSKRNL.
  • NTOSKRNL has either is cannot find the rest of itself, or it cannot read the file system.

These things should be check.

  1. The SATA configuration in computer BIOS if the SATA gets toggles from ATA to AHCI mode, then Windows will not be able to able to talk to the SATA controller because the different modes are needed, you must try toggling to the SATA main controller mode in the BIOS.
  2. RAID SETTINGS, you may get this type error if you been doing with the RAID Controller settings.
  3. You must try changing the RAID control settings…


blue screen error

It Almost Causes On These Main Things:

  1. The system is completely running out of the data.
  2. Data corruption in the default memory.
  3. Data corruption in the disk of the windows.

Things to Check in This:-

  1. First, you should restart the memory and all drive to eliminate data corruption issues stemming from poorly.
  2. Run a complete hard drive diagnostic.
  3. If that drive passes run a full file system check from the recovery using cable.
  4. If nothing happens from the steps you should reinstall windows.
  5. Does not fix the issue.
  6. You must replace the hard drive.

Blue Screen Error 0x000000EA {THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER}


It indicates a device driver a video card is been stuck and waiting for the response.

Things To Check:

  1. Ensure the video drivers are updated to the latest version.
  2. The system of your BIOS is fully up to date.
  3. If it is up-to-date.
  4. As a last restore and make try to exchanging your video card.

Stop Error 0x00000050 {PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA}


It means that the system has tried to access a nonexistent piece of memory data.

It almost always due to the:

  1. A driver of is trying to access a page of the memory that is not present in it.
  2. A service of windows failed in a way.
  3. Faulty or incorrectly data.
  4. Data is corrupted.

Things to check:

  1. If a blue screen error shows a drive you should uninstall the drive or program.
  2. If the error happens during any startup, you should try booting to the last known settings.
  3. When you install the drive if again error happens then try to restart the drive.
  4. Try running a drive after resetting the memory drives.



screen error

These two errors show that a program in the kernel is running. It could not recover. They will show troubleshooting and resolution.

Things to check

  1. If a blue screen message mentions a driver to file is part of an update or disable it.
  2. You must update system BIOS to the updated latest version.
  3. Run the diagnostic on your windows memory.

In this session, we learned about some Blue Screen and Some Error That We Can Recover.

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