Delegate Control use in Windows

To create new user, reset password, add computer or server in domain etc delegate control is used and its rights are given to help desk to perform this task. Domain administrator is requiring performing all operation and task which is related to domain and active directory. There is Domain admin group who manage this entire […]

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Windows Restarting | Reboots Continuously | Fix The issue in Windows

Many a times computers start rebooting automatically without any prior warning and it becomes hard to understand the reason causing it. Sometimes, Windows reboots continuously, and he warns please restart your computer. There can be many underlying causes. So I am going to tell you about how to solve Windows restarts and reboots issue in […]

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hard disk

Solution For Missing Hard Disk While Installing Fresh Windows

Hello, Friends, Do you face the problem of Hard disk failure or missing hard disk while installing new windows? I understand that you face an issue when you try to install Windows. But do not worry so much. I will help you to solve this issue.  First,  you have needed to know something about Operating […]

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How To Troubleshoot Personal Computer Systems?

It means to analyze and solve series problems for a company or a Windows for an organization of the computer. Troubleshoot on your personal computer is nontechnical because there are simple steps that try and diagnose a problem even if you are not trying to solve problem Yourself by the other software suppliers. Processor Overheating: […]

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How to Troubleshoot and Fix Windows Blue Screen Errors

A Stop Error is also called blue screen errors; it can occur if an issue comes on PC to restart or shutdown unexpectedly. When you have this type of error, you won’t be able to see things like Window taskbar manager or start menu when your PC turned on. Instead, you can see a blue […]

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Essential Setting

5 Essential Setting After Installation Fresh Windows Operating System

Everyone knows that installing or reinstalling your Windows Operating System takes time and show the best job to use fresh Windows. We all ignore our PC is working fast but also we be very careful to use its well after installing or reinstalling the PC’s Windows. Since developing the world, we should make aware that […]

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