How To Troubleshoot Personal Computer Systems?

It means to analyze and solve series problems for a company or a Windows for an organization of the computer. Troubleshoot on your personal computer is nontechnical because there are simple steps that try and diagnose a problem even if you are not trying to solve problem Yourself by the other software suppliers.

Processor Overheating:

The chip makers have recently working for more high working which means they are generating the more work with less heat for a best Windows users. That’s why all processes have required some sort of pulling elements that are used in every central Processing Unit. A Windows TDP that means thermal design. Anything shows that how much heat gets it safely accept it with a maximum temperature for the chip.

The processor may fail for these reasons.

  1. The fan motor for Central Processing Unit has failed.
  2. Best is preventing the fans from spinning the fan smoothly.
  3. The fan bearing is giggling and lose.

Bad Ram

These are the reasons why several RAMs can lead waste performance.

  1. Random Access Memory is timing is lower than the machine spectrum optical.
  2. The RAM is Much overheating.
  3. There is less storage that means insufficient RAM.
  4. It is minor fall so that appear only in detail testing.

Hard Disk Drive Issues

These are the reasons why eventually hard disk issues are getting lost it for some imminent failure before hard is finally gives up.

  1. It takes Lou access time for a neck to return prime because of it hard disk issue.
  2. A number of bad sectors are running SanDisk and check disk.
  3. Intermediate board failures.
  4. Unexplained blue screens are present.

Disk interface and type: Buying a hardware to work with your PC was easy today these are more picky with highly rated and many drives are available offering different levels of performance leads to less security with your PC.

BIOS settings: There is no database of optimal settings but you can search engine suggest Google or Bing or any other website and use your motherboard name.

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What to do if You Have a Sick Computer

If you have a sick computer you should first of all reinstall the windows and these are the simple 4 ways to troubleshoot your Sick PC :- In a perfect area for any problem you could visit any suspicious man for your problem but on a sick PC you should always be away because the PC symptoms may sound familiar from the following steps.

  1. It crashes haphazardly.
  2. During the boot up you may get error messages.
  3. Moving from any website to website it feels like swimming.


Here I will show how to fix up sick PC into another PC.

1- You must delete duplicate files.

It means that storing data you may accidentally duplicate files are sets for many times. PC uses software detect duplicate files and may give you the opportunity to height or delete them.

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2- Clean up your hard drive.

You must we call Oliver software and update your latest version of computer comma they are not maintained regularly and files for more than 30% of our hardware can be wasted on some certain issues

3- Delete files.

On the computer, you may hit the word delete several times but they are stored in recycle bin. So you should look at all the recycle bin that if you delete all the city Cycle Bean dentist after may update is a lie and your PC works much better than the old.

4- Defragment hard drive.

It may take advantage of small scattered vaccines on your head drive in order to store data quickly but the hard drive not only remember it may puzzle your software.

Fixing Windows System 7 and Startup Problems

  1. Turn on your PC you must inside the windows installation DVD and then you should reboot your machine. If you have created any bootable Windows USB flash drive insert it to start the main process of installation.
  2. Press any alphabet when promoted to make it says to do so. Once you press any key you will see the Windows is loading files on your screen.
  3. Once you see that installation Windows screen as happy as you must select language and General information that and next button to proceed to the next process.
  4. In the following screen, you will install now button along repair computer option at the screen and click repair your computer and work system will recover.
  5. Select your Windows operating system and fix the problems.
  6. Under the system recovery option, you will see some tools for startup repair and many options and choose your choose to recover.

When Your System will loading fine then you should do 5 Essential Setting After Installation Fress Windows Operating System.

I hope this information will help you with troubleshooting personal computer. Thanks for Reading

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