Are you ready for the API revolution?

APIs created five years ago are still influencing APIs we know today. Some developers think that was a period of the API revolution. One thing is sure – those APIs are providing connectivity for many relevant systems nowadays and contribute to their functionality.  

Online businesses are dependent on APIs. Companies are trying to find a way to use APIs as effective as possible, as it secures additional revenue for the business.

Things are pretty simple here. If you could solve a problem with one click only, then you would surely do that instead of coding for hours. APIs are making the whole developing process much faster and timesaving. Additionally, API design seems much easier now, so the developers have much more spare time. One of the companies that operate according to these principles is

APIs are all around

Chances are slight that there is someone who didn’t use an API in at least in one way. API is a code that enables communication between applications or websites. Communication among applications or websites is crucial, as it provides a stable functioning and mutual actions. As APIs improved in time, they have become something like a glue that holds everything together.

api is everywhere

Types of APIs

Application Programming Interface functions on two dimensions, privately and publicly. Public APIs are also known as Open APIs. As their name indicates, these APIs are available to everyone. Those are either free or can be purchased online.

Companies develop private APIs and use them. Yet, even the Open API can be transformed into a private one. If a company wants to explore some new solutions the developers outside the company make, it will reveal the Private API, which will become an Open one.

When somebody is talking about APIs in general, then it is about the public APIs. Logically, all APIs on the internet are Open APIs. On the other side, private APIs are meant for personal and internal use. APIs are so common nowadays, that you must have used many of them until this time.

What does an API revolution bring?

API revolution is happening now. We, as witnesses of it, have a chance to see that different client applications behave completely consistently while being inside of the digital touching points. This freedom that organizations experience gives them encouragement to find new opportunities for growth.

Businesses tend to transform their IT responsiveness into a customer-centric scenario. A potential customer would love it! Once the API becomes more customer-centric, customers will implement your APIs into their projects more. This also provides more interaction between the customers and the business data, which gives you popularity to your API.

customer centric api

APIs contribute to the business evolution

The companies have realized that using APIs can bring a lot of benefits. They are taking advantage of the API use massively. Developers know that they can create tools via APIs. Those tools can save their time and contribute to their efficiency. Though the developers feel the most of the API benefits, the company’s departments overall will have positive changes, too.

What we are talking here is API economy. APIs influence companies and businesses positively.


APIs have a bright future. The API revolution brought many changes in the world of technology and made it more available to everybody. What we can expect is for APIs to be revealed much more with time, going in the direction of a technological world.

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