How to Watch Movies without Internet Connection

Let’s imagine that you found an interesting film on the Internet, but the technical capabilities of your Internet connection do not allow you to download it. No doubt, you will ask: “How can I download movies without the Internet for free?” Then read this article.

First of all, I want to give a little explanation on the topic: is it possible at all, watching movies without fast internet and are there any movies that you can watch without the connection?

Viewing movies without the Internet is theoretically impossible … Although in practice, oddly enough, everything looks different.

Let’s say you find a movie on the network, but since your internet connection is slow and does not allow you to download it, let alone watch online, you cannot enjoy it. What to do?

Even though the file is not downloaded to your computer and is located somewhere on the remote server, you can still watch it.

True, watching movies without the Internet is only possible on YouTube and in a paid mode. You will need to get a paid subscription to this service and then enjoy the movie. Although to be honest, you will still need the Internet connection, at least for some time.

In this way, you can watch a movie without the connection both on a desktop and your mobile device with the YouTube app. As for the iOS and Android gadgets, it’s worth mentioning some more ways to enjoy films offline.

Default Video application

The first way is a native application. The method is absolutely legal, but it will require you to pay money.

We go into the application iTunes Store or Google Play Market and choose the category Movies, after that you get to the menu with a selection of movies.

default video application

Select the Search tab and search for the movie you want to watch. After that, you will need to buy it, but it remains forever in the collection. Even if you change your phone to a newer model, you can re-download it to a new device.

If you rent a movie, you buy it for 30 days. When the rental period is over, the video is automatically deleted.

Third-Party Applications

The second method is also legal and easy to use, but requires a constant connection to the Internet and, almost always, investment of funds. What I am talking about is the online cinema. A special application created for renting any movies or series.

The advantage of the online cinema is that it has dubbing content only. There are a lot of such cinema apps in the AppStore, for example, Megogo, Ivi, TvZavr and many others. The apps are completely free, but the whole trick is that the content that these applications offer is not free of charge.

Some movies and series can only be watched within the app after having pre-paid a subscription. There are several types of subscription: for 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months.  Free movie watch is also available but provides a limited amount of content.

Watching movies downloaded from your PC

This is the cheapest way. It’s completely free. The only thing you need to do is to have a film or video on your computer or laptop. The next step is very simple. Just connect your device to your PC and transfer the movie on your phone or tablet for offline watching. Please keep in mind that your portable device should support your file, i.e, we have a particular video format, codec and so on. You can check the parameters supported by your gadget on the manufacture’s page.  

In case your movie comes in a format that is not accepted, you can convert it to get the necessary extension with free Freemake Video Converter. By the way, this tool is also great for getting movies for offline playback. I speak about quite an old way, i.e., ripping DVD to MP4, AVI for a more comfortable movie watching on TV or DVD Player. If you have a vast collection of DVD movies, you can benefit from this option. Nowadays it’s hard to find a laptop with a DVD drive. Thus keeping your collection on a hard drive makes it easier to access it at any moment. To back up your DVD collection, run Freemake Video Converter. Insert your non-protected DVD and add its content to the software. Select a video extension and quality that you need and run the conversion.

free make video convertor

Depending on your PC capacities, you will get a new file within some minutes. If you need, you can then upload the file to a USB stick to watch it on a TV screen or use a cable to get the file on your smartphone or tablet.

Netflix and Videos Streaming Services –

one can always download the videos Or Movies from Youtube and watch it later without internet. you must know the trend is being changed for watching things online so if you have paid membership of Netflix and Amazon you can download your favorite Videos and watch them later.

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