Best Free Online Video Editor Sites In 2022

Not so long ago, Video Editing was a task that was assumed to be something to be handled by professionals. There was a need for high-end software on sophisticated computers. Not anymore.

We have reached a phase in the technological arena where we can get the video editing done online. In today’s post, we will discuss the best Online Video Editors you can rely upon.

Top Five Best Online Video Editors in 2022

We-based video editors have been one of the fascinating innovations that we have come to experience in the recent past. You do not need any professional video editing software for your requirements in video editing.

If you are looking for the best video editor online for free, your search should definitely end here.

YouTube Video Editor

Ease of use is what makes it one of the best video editors for YouTube. It comes with easy-to-use controls and yes, they are all arranged in a user-friendly manner.

Just upload your video clips to the editor and drag them into the timeline provided by the video editor. You can either choose t to edit a single video or choose a combination of different videos. The editor provides you with a few simple tools, but all of them are quite efficient.

Some of the tools include brightness and contrast adjustment, automatic color correction, image stabilization, rotation, and slow motion. It also comes with an asset of filters to add special effects. You can also add a soundtrack and text overlay.
The editor is not powered packed, but still meets all your needs.

video editor


You can use this video editor free to upload your videos of up to 1 GB size and edit them. You have the option of downloading them in any format of your choice.

What makes it even better if you can work with a video from an online source like YouTube or Facebook. That would mean you need not download a video, then upload it on VideoToolBox to edit it, and then download it back.

Just complete editing by providing the link to the online video and downloading it once finished. Simple! However, the video editing tools available are quite limited. However, whatever you are getting, everything of that is impressive enough. Some of the steps are a little longer than necessary, but nevertheless, the video editor app is quite trustworthy.

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MovieMaker Online

The service comes with ads and that can be something annoying. You can upload a video, images, or music. Just drag and drop them into a project and perform your tasks with ease.

The free video editing software for Windows Operating System comes with multiple filters you can use with the video. There are several options for adding extra video or audio files to your videos.

The MovieMaker Online is a perfect choice for giving a new look to your videos. What’s more, the video editor app will also give you access to royalty-free images that can be embedded in your original video thus making it more interesting and look professional.

video editor

Online Video Cutter

How about an online video editor that works as a Google Chrome extension? Online Video Cutter can be your better option here.
The best video editor online free lets you upload videos up to 500 MB in size and edit it to your heart’s content.

In fact, you can also work with the videos saved on Google Drive or other online cloud services. Some of the options that the almost-professional video editing software can provide are trimming unneeded footage, or rotating it.

In fact, the availability of a Chrome extension is what would make it easy to access the editing tools easily. You can pick the video format and quality of your choice and download your edited video.

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Last, but not least – Clipchamp is the best online video editor, but it may not have the advanced features that you would be looking for.
If you are trying to find the simplest online video editor that would meet your requirements, this should be your choice.

The service lets you upload a video that you have recorded or record a new video by using a webcam. Once the video is uploaded to Clipchamp, you are free to go with your editing tasks.

Some of the tasks you can accomplish using the tool include trimming, cropping, flipping, rotating, and brightness/contrast adjustment. The online video editor comes with a Pro version as well.

You can opt for it if you are ready to pay for the services. However, the free version should be enough for most of your tasks. You may miss the advanced features that are available on the other free online video editors featured above, but given the simplicity it offers you – it can be one of the best choices for novices.
Does it sound interesting?

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Before We Conclude

The online tools for video editing may not provide you a professional quality performance, but still, they make it simple enough to handle your video editing requirements.

You would definitely love the performance of web-based video editors. The tools here should give you a clear idea on how to use the online video editors for the best performance. There is no need for a video editor download and that is precisely what would make it a good option for video editing requirements.

We are sure that the online video editors featured in this collection would be much helpful in meeting all your video editing needs.
Do share your views with us if you have used any of these online video editors.

If you think we have missed any of the capable online video editors free from this compilation, do share your opinions with us. Your feedback is always welcome.

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