Windows Task Manager: A Powerful Tool To Solve Your Big System Issues

There are several issues that come while we use the Windows Operating Systems. Many times it happens that we are not able to launch an application or it gets hanged in between and we start feeling frustrated. Also, if we try to close the application then it shows that system is not responding. In this type of situation, if you are not aware of how to close the application immediately then it is for sure that you will be going to face a lot of problems.

Here, we are going to tell you the resolution for the same. When the application starts throwing the exception as not responding then it’s very important to choose a right approach.

How To Close Current Application Forcefully?

An application is not working: If you have loaded applications and it’s not loading and continuously showing the error that the application is not responding. In this case, many times it will happen that you will not be able to close it although you will try to close it. This is the time when the role of windows task manager comes into play.

Following are the simple steps on how to use the task manager for the above-mentioned task in a very easy way:


1. Starts task manager,

2. Click on the Applications tab and you will be able to see the list of all the tasks currently running.

3. Select the Application that you want to end or close.

4. Click on End Task and the application will close immediately.

How to load windows task manager?

With the task manager tool, one can manage applications, processes, services, performance, networking, and users.  See the image above for clarification. The windows operating system is user-friendly and thus you can open any tool or application just in few clicks.

Here, we bring to you some of the easy options that you can try to open your task manager in just seconds of time.

First Way-

  1. Click on Task Bar which is at the bottom of the screen that appears in front.
  2. See the list of applications and click on task manager.

Second Way-

  1. Press [Windows key + R ]- Run Box will appear
  2. Input taskmgr in Run Box.
  3. Click On OK

Third Way-

  1. Click on Windows Key
  2. Input taskmgr or task manager in the search box.
  3. Open your manager

If you know about Windows Command Prompt then you can open task manager from CMD keys.

Fourth Ways-

  1. Press [ Windows + R ]
  2. Input CMD in Run Box and click on OK
  3. As soon as Command prompt opens, then give input as taskmgr.exe
  4. Press Enter Key

Try to open the Windows task manager now. Are you still not able to do so? It’s now required to check whether the application has got corrupted or disabled.

Here some common cause to be corrupt of windows task manager.

The *virus may affect your windows operating system: In the case when windows task manager is not working because of the virus attack or maybe due to the net worms, then it’s important to fix the operating system.

For this, it is required to use some popular anti-virus available in the market like avast, MacAfee, Norton. Lots of other anti-viruses are available in the market.

Sometimes it happens that the windows task manager is not getting opened. There can be some problem with the window registry, maybe the application got disabled.

How to ENABLE again

  • Open run
  • Type Regedit
  • Click on ok
  • Follow this path

Under hkey_current_user expend – software – Microsoft – windows – currentversion – policies -system

Windows task manager is not used only for application management, it is considered as one of the very popular tools of the Windows operating system.

One can look at other uses of task manager as well.

  • Process tab is used to kill the unused running applications.
  • Services tab is used to start or stop some windows features or services.
  • Performance tab is used to manage your hardware resources like ram usage and the processor usage etc.
  • User tab is used to manage user login in the current session. One can simply switch user or log off a user.


  • Windows task manager is in network domain; In a domain-based network one cannot be open and uses the features of windows task manager. But in case the administrator has not allowed you to open it then you can connect with your system administrator or engineer.
  • If your administrator has not allowed you to open it. So, in that case, connect with your system administrator or engineer.
  • Most of steps and features of each tab concepts are same in any flavor of windows operation system, like windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Appearances may be got change but the user role and function/features will be same.


Windows Task Manager is very easy to use for windows user. I have listed the maximum possibilities for task manager. If you face any issues related to that, then you can mention them to me anytime in the comment box. Although this article has been written by keeping in mind that it is Windows seven but same trips and tricks will be used for other windows operating system as well.

Thanks for reading this article. I have tried my best by assisting you to step by the step to get rid of Windows Errors. Please Share this article…

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