What Can We Do With Windows PowerShell Command?

You, I and lots of people is to be confused about Windows PowerShell but maybe you don’t know that this tool is solving mainly administration problems in IT industry. and I have listed some salient features and command that how to differentiate scripting command between DOS and Unix.

let’s move on the topics. what is PowerShell and how to execute in Windows Operating System through some basics commands?

What is Windows PowerShell?

Windows PowerShell is a tool to automate and configure the task in the framework from Microsoft, with a command line shell and a scripting language. We commonly called it Windows PowerShell. It is the most popular tool after command prompt. because It works like CMD.

in PowerShell, the Administrative task is performed by cmdlets which called command-lets. PowerShell is former built in .net framework but Microsoft working to the built-in .net core. PowerShell is providing full access to Component Object Model(COM)  and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).  It is performed on both local and remote Windows systems.

History & Version

Before 2006, it was tough to manage automation and integration tasks, systems and a network administrator was managing all this activity with some tools. Like administrators used batch files that could be run using Windows Command Prompt.

Administrators had to be creative because there was not one powerful single tool that can manage all these tasks. Even after all these tools Microsoft just developed simply a powerful tool with the name of Windows Power Shell.

Windows PowerShell

When it got launched in 2006 with version 1.0, the operating system was used windows server 2003, 2008 with rare use of it. After got familiar with administrator new version got released in 2009, version 2.0 in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.

Then in 2012 version 3.0 in windows server 2012 and Windows 8. After upgrading with some feature in version 3.0, Microsoft found still some third-party tool is still in use for network diagnosis, it again revised in 2013 with version4 and finally, version 5 is become in uses mostly by windows network administrators science 2014, With plug-in of Microsoft framework 4.5.

Types of Commands can be executed by PowerShell

  • Cmdlets
  • PowerShell functions
  • PowerShell scripts
  • Executable programs

Windows PowerShell Over Command Prompt

Indeed, Windows PowerShell absolutely has more power! Command prompt is accessible to execute simple DOS commands; most clients have not investigated it past ping, ipconfig or in the programming scene, FTP. In any case, Power Shell is considerably more than that.

  1. Power Shell uses cmdlets: Presently, cmdlets are not only an alternate method for calling a similar thing, however, they uncover complex framework organization functionalities, for example, registry administration and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to the client. This makes them much more helpful than the command prompt.
  2. Manage complex tasks quickly: Power Shell likewise proves to be used with a portion of the challenging tasks that won’t come up frequently, for example, mass imports, mass relocations, or making a ton of clients without a moment’s delay. These things are exceptionally tedious to achieve utilizing the GUI and can appear like overwhelming undertakings. Power Shell can truly sparkle here, as it has cmdlets accessible to deal with these employments rapidly and effectively.
  3. Power shell is produced using the .net framework: This permits Power Shell contents to make .NET interfaces and broaden features that are not given of course through cmdlets. The other path around is additionally conceivable – implanting Power Shell contents in .NET code.
  4. Power Shell is object-oriented: The information yielded from cmdlets are objects and not simply message. This gives greater adaptability to play around with complex information.

List Of 10 Different Command Name Which Works Same in CMD, PowerShell, and Unix/Linux.

Windows and Linux are totally different behavior but you can run windows application over Linux through wine Application. and Some command name with equal execution in different platform, as you can use in Windows, Linux. Hey! remember it, CMD command is accepted the case-insensitive character. but Unix and PowerShell command are accepted case-sensitive only. Some of the best Command for DOS, PowerShell, and Unix Shell.

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Well, I have listed some command which runs properly on Windows PowerShell and also explained about some command which gives the same results with the different name for DOS, PowerShell, and Unix. Network Administrator and IT Engineer are like to work on PowerShell, Command Prompts, And Linus/Unix shell. So, Basically, I tried to explain. if you want more such tricks and Windows PowerShell hacks for your Windows PC, we will share more such tricks in the days to come.

That’s good you have read this article, I have explained this information to research and my knowledge based. If you are IT Professions or lover of technologies, Please share this articles and help to other people.

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