A chatbot is something most of us have already interacted with in our lives and had fun also. Remember? No? Okay let me help you, Facebook implements Chatbot to let brands interact with the people with the help of its menus and answers. These ChatBot interactions assist people in getting answers to the FAQs, and help them with their queries such as directions, buying tickets or setting up an appointment.

Other platforms that have employed chatbots to make their working efficient are Telegram, Kik, Slack, and WeChat.

Uhh, But, What is a chatbot?

It is the browser application that communicates with the help of its textual method. They are getting smarter and intelligent day by day with their Machine Learning capabilities. Chatbots are working like an instant messaging application or you can take over like facebook messenger. it will help you in your business for lead and query generating or can be used for some other purpose. Most of the client prefer to the messaging support. So why not, we should use this application to client’s satisfaction. It will boost instant your business.


Okay, But do they matter?

With a massive boost in B2C services, brands realize the need to get chatbots working in order to handle a large number of communications at the primary level. Failing to do so may result in the businesses to decline.

That’s where chatbots come into play with their higher than ever efficiency, usability and customizability to help you with your business growth without you having to miss out on any of the potential leads.

And, How are ChatBots efficient?

Consider employing one customer support staff who assists approximately two or three customers at a time.

ChatBot, on the other hand, single-handedly engages hundreds of customers, users and sales lead without making even single one of them wait to get in touch with your brand.

This swiftness leads your business to be recognized as a trusted and caring brand that results in even more sales and earnings. Efficient enough! Right?

How do chatbots troubleshoot?

Chatbots have transformed the way technical troubleshooting is executed.

  • They stay available 24/7 to help people from any time zone around the world.
  • Chatbots collect all the info about the requirements of a customer beforehand and thus reduce the load on customer service team. The team can, therefore, focus on the queries that need a human intervention for their resolution.
  • Chatbots provide customer care & support services instantly without leaving the customers queued up and waiting.

You Can Use Chatbot For-

Chatbots can be deployed in most of the businesses and can also be utilized by the entrepreneurs.

You can use it to provide:

  • Customer support,
  • Product suggestions,
  • Weather info,
  • Personal Finance Assistance,
  • Schedule a meeting,
  • Send money,
  • Find a restaurant, and much more.

How to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot?

Creating a chatbot for Facebook Messenger is quite easy and doesn’t even require coding language. You can use tools such as Botsify, OnSequel, Converse, and Chatfuel to create one in no time with their guiding instructions.

  • Start with Botsify where you can create one chatbot for free.
  • Chatfuel on the other side employs even more Artificial Intelligence and lets you create a “full-featured chatbot” in just 10 minutes.
  • With converse, you can automate the transactions and sale process integrated with payment gateways such as PayPal, Clearbit, and Stripe.

I hope that you would like it. If you want to make a lead for your business, then website chatbot is essential for you. Now, you can handle your customer with Facebook messenger at any anytime on mobile. Thanks for coming.


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