49 Ways to generate More Money Online (or Offline) This Year

Nothing beats being able to make an additional income to have a little more financial freedom. Whether you want to sell textbooks online or sell on eBay, you can make money online. Here’s 49 great ways to make extra cash both online or offline.

– Freelance Writing

Website owners are always looking for people to write content for them. Websites like iWriter and TextBroker are always looking for content writers.

– Fiverr

If you can do small things for people online, whether it’s writing or designing for $5, this is the place to do that.

– Affiliate marketing

Product creators are always looking for more people to sell their products. you got a commision, if you make a sale. Join Clickbank and the Amazon Associates program to find products to sell.

– Drive For Uber

Driving with Uber is a great side income by driving around your town.

– Deliver Food With Grubhub

Deliver foods for customers at local restaurants to their house. A great side income throughout the year.

– Social Media Services

Speak to a business and offer them a service on handling their social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Babysit Kids

Care.com is a great site to get started on finding clients.

– Be A Tutor

Tutoring kids struggling with math and science can be a gateway to some additional cash.

– Drive for Lyft

Lyft is a busy app always looking for new drivers to drive around their clientele.

– AirBnb

Put up your house or even just a room in your house up for rent. Simply make money by doing practically nothing and letting someone sleep over at your place.

– Be An Extra

If you live in a city where movies and shows are frequently filmed, there are more chances at being an extra. Easily get paid $80-$125 for 10-12 hour days.

– Online Consulting

Do you have a valuable skill you are ready to share? You can make money consulting by providing this information.

– Create An Online Course

If you have that knowledge to share about subjects you feel people would pay for, create a course of PDFs or videos sharing this knowledge and sell it.

– Stock Photos

People will gladly pay good money for beautiful photos you take through ShutterStock.

– Rent Your Car

Let someone use your car for the day and make money doing it.

– Virtual Assistant

If you can allow instruction on your computer, do tasks for someone as their assistant.

– Teach English

Teach adults and kids around the world a language you already know.

– Surveys

People will pay you money to give them your opinion.

– Etsy

Sell your crafts and homemade items on Easy.

– eBay

Take old stuff you have and sell them for a nice tidy profit.

– Walk Dogs

Rover gives you access to dogs nearby that you can babysit.

– Sell Used Textbooks

Sell that textbook you don’t use. Sell used textbooks online through different marketplaces. Your textbook can be sold for good money.

– Wedding Photographer

Photograph weddings and capture beautiful moments on camera for great profits.

– Fortune Teller

Companies always hire new people wanting to learn the art of fortune telling.

– Test Websites

UserTesting pays users good money for testing websites out.

– Slogan Designer

SloganSeller is the site that companies go to for getting help with slogans.

– Modeling

Have a look that could make it to the models? Get into modeling and make a decent living being yourself.

– Deliver for UberEats

Deliver food to people through UberEats’ program.

– Focus Groups

There are companies who need you to give your opinion.

– Be A Friend

RentAFriend gives you access to having people hire you to be friends with you.

– Search The Web

Apps like Swagbucks pay you to search the Internet.

– Transcribe

Listen to medical and legal audios and type what you hear. Great side income.

– Design Shirts

Design on Teespring and sell shirts every week for additional income.

– Rate Pizzas

TrendSource let’s you rate pizzas for extra cash.

– Housesitting

Watch over a house while the owners are gone for cash.

– Shovel Snow

Live in a snowy neighborhood? Shovel snow for cash.

– Donate Plasma

Donate your plasma today and make money.

– Research Studies

Ask local colleges for research studies you qualify for.

– Watch Videos

Apps like swagbucks pay you for watching videos and ads.

– Open A Bank Account

Research some banks ready to pay you just for opening a bank account with them.

– Sell CDs on Declutter

Old phones or CDs can be sold on this app.

– Use Ads

SlideJoy is an app that uses ads on your phone and you get paid just installing it.

– Clean Homes

Create a cleaning service and clean classrooms, offices, and other homes.

– Data Entry

Make money by doing plenty of typing at home.

– Travel Agent

Help those wanting to travel by creating their trips.

– Teachers Pay Teachers

New teachers always need new knowledge. Create content to help teachers and make money ding it.

– At Home Daycare

Turn your home into a daycare for children in your neighborhood.

– Online Jury

eJury let’s you be a part of a practice jury for lawyers. Get paid $5-$10 depending on the length of the jury.

– Rent Out Parking Space

Make extra cash selling your parking space if you are in a busy city.

– iBotta

Shop, photograph your receipts, and get cash back on your purchases.

These are 49 incredible different ways to make some great cash. Whether you want to start selling textbooks online, surveys, or freelance writing, you can start making money in so many ways.

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