Everything you need to know about the Virtual Machines

There is absolutely no doubt that the computer systems have transformed our lives to an unbelievable extent. Today, Computers are doing even the hardest transactional processing with great ease and comfort.

In this computer-aided world, there is a term which almost every computer person has heard of. Yes, the Virtual machines also have a significant role in different computer-related operations and they have gained immense popularity from the past years. But, only a few know in depth about the Virtual machine in the current scenario.

What are the Virtual Machines?

Virtual machines can be defined as an entirely separate operating system installation on your current operating system. Implementation is done by either hardware or software virtualization.

virtual machine

Multiple virtual machines work in different server consolidations with their OS where different process run in separate virtual environments but on the same virtual machine.

Some free virtual machine is there on the Internet for which the users can use them and gain benefits. For programmers, the Java virtual machine will be the perfect option to execute their programs.

Some of other tricks available, such as Windows application can run over Linux through Wine application. but this is not easy to use. the virtual machine is the better option for running multiple operating systems at one OS.

Implementation of Virtual machines

Every virtual machine provides a fully isolated environment in which it uses the layered approach to achieve this goal.

Important layers of a virtual machine:

  1. Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM): The VMM does the translation between the bare hardware and virtualized platform. It also provides virtual processors, IO devices, and memory.
  1. Bare Machine: A bare metal environment is a network in which a virtual machine is directly installed on hardware despite within the host operating system.

How to set up virtual machines?

Well, decided on your VM app, setting up a VM is quite easy. Follow the below steps to successfully install a virtual machine.

  • Open your VM app and click on create a new virtual machine option.
  • Type the name of the OS in the “Name Box,” but in many cases, the app automatically detects the OS version.
  • You will be asked how much memory needs to be allocated to the VM.
  • The wizard will create a virtual hard disk file which will be used by the VM. Just create a new one for this purpose.
  • You will be asked whether to create a dynamic or a fixed size hard disk.
  • Choose your option and Click on “create” for the making of a virtual hard disk.
  • After that, your new VM should be visible to you and by clicking on start; your new VM will start running. You can also set a virtual machine with different virtual machine software.

Virtual Machine Apps

  • Virtual Box
  • VMware virtual machine

 Some Networks in which a Virtual Machine Work

  • Internet Network: This option enables the working of a virtual machine. It is useful in providing network communication channel to different virtual machines on only one physical computer.
  • Shared Network: This option is for the first network adapter in the virtual machine. It enables any virtual machine to share its connection with the TCP/IP network host operating system.

In the upcoming years, there will surely be a bloom of virtual machines considering their faster operational processing capabilities, cost efficiency, and easy maintenance.

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