If you were to ask any five people what their best experiences were when dealing with a company or product line, invariably they will point to excellent customer service. There are many reasons for this, but customer service is huge among today’s consumers simply because they are savvier than ever before. With the dawning of the Information Superhighway, the Internet, most people are more knowledgeable about the products they use. However, this could work in reverse if you don’t offer a state-of-the-art customer service approach with technology as the backbone. Let’s take a brief look at that.

Various Avenues of Approach

The beauty of technology in customer service is that you are not limited to one approach. You can combine some or all of the following:

  • Email
  • Live on-page chat
  • Phone communications
  • Video conferencing
  • Social networks
  • Customer support widgets on-page

And that is just the beginning of the role of technology in today’s customer service centers. Some people don’t like to talk on the phone and others are totally lost (still in this day and age!) on social media. Some people desire a video conference to have a walk-through on how to best use or assemble a product. This is more often the case in corporate customer service, but some companies make this available to the private sector as well. With an omnichannel approach, a customer can get the service they desire in the manner most comfortable to them.

Reduction in Wait Time

Consider for a moment the last time you made a phone call because you had a question about a product you just purchased. You reach a telecommunications system that gives you a long list of options to choose from. Some are pre-recorded instructions or information while other prompts eventually lead you to a live voice. Unless you are calling a huge call center, your wait time may be unacceptable.

Outsourcing call center functions to industry experts like Humach can quickly put you through to knowledgeable operators who can answer your questions or lead you to the appropriate resource. Wait times are reduced significantly. Not only can customers be redirected much quicker when contacting a large call center but they can also realize a reduction in wait times with those on-page chat and widget features.

It’s All About Instant Gratification

Let’s step back for just a moment to how we began looking at the role of technology in today’s customer service centers. Not only has the Internet put so much more information at our fingertips, but that information is literally instantaneous. Whether we are on a mobile device or PC, it’s a matter of doing a quick search and choosing the link we feel best answers our query. What does that tell you?

Today’s consumer expects immediate answers to their questions and because of the advances in technology, they are better able to be instantly gratified. Few customers ever need to wait for a callback when they are given other hi-tech options. Yes, they can email or phone and wait for a response, but with a managed on-page chat feature, a live operator can be available 24/7. If you looking to improve your company’s customer service, remember technology is your friend. Find the right customer service platform, outsource your work, and within days you’ll see an increase in customer approval – all thanks to technology and the expertise of professional customer service reps.