How to Setup a Small Network for an Office?

The network is the backbone of any business. It is used to connect with customers and be able to manage your business. Today, no one will say, the network is not required for your office, in fact, if you ask for advice, most will say get a reliable network.

So I’m going to tell you about how to set up a small network in the newer office? Each network has it’s own characteristics and parameters. The network depends on your business actually rather than the size. Like a photo studio will require a different network while a fashion house will require a different configured network. it means it depends on your business size.

Today, many businesses rely on their network for communicating both within the office and with clients as well. Some businesses also use cloud services as they take a load off on storage.

Below are some steps or guidelines that will help you in setting up a network for your small business.

Verify Your Requirement for Setup a Small Network

First most, take a pencil and paper and clarify these points:

  • What items are required for your office like, printer, computer, peripheral?
  • Which applications do you need?
  • Which type of files do you need to share?
  • How many in your staff will require VPN access?
  • Wireless range required for your business
  • State the mobile devices that will have access to your network

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Once these points are cleared, you will be much better off, as now you can purchase with a clear mind. The hardware/software that you will purchase will be just what you need for your business.

Now it would be really bad if you need to send an important tender notice and realize you don’t have a port cause the switches you installed is a port less. For this, it’s vital to appoint experienced hard and software engineers so they can guide you accordingly. Here are some common facts that will be useful

Wireless Vs Wired Network, Which one is best?

There was a time when wireless network was not a good option as it had a bad performance, but being wireless had its own perks, so it soon became a trend. Yes, if your staff works in the office and each has his/her own desktop then the wired network is wondering, but as is the trend of laptops and mobiles, wireless is your demand.

Yes, if you want you can use both in your office. For example, you can use Ethernet cable to attach printers and a reliable wireless network allows you and your staff to access files out of office as well plus it’s more convenient. While a wired network provides high speed. Nevertheless, most businesses use both networks.

Though it’s not hard to join another network, later on, still, it’s better to be sure of which network you require. Once you have decided this, you can begin the purchasing.

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What Hardware Needed For Network Setup in Office?

Like most businesses, your router will be connected to the server. You can ask your ISP if they will provide the router or you will have to purchase it separately. In case, you have to purchase your own, you can opt for Cisco as it’s a reliable brand. Below is a list of some items that are must on purchase list:

  • Router- It connects office to the extranet.
  • Server- A server provides various services like authentication, storage, and
  • Firewall- They are mostly built in the Gateway, but standalone is much better. A firewall is used to protect your data from viruses, unauthorized usage or spam.
  • VPN- Again like Firewall, it can be in-built or a stand-alone A VPN is used to secure your network.
  • WiFi/AP- A standalone is better as it has more power and is easy to manage.

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Do remember, most of these products come in bundles also and as standalone. So purchase wisely and not just to save cash.


Though the basics are on the list, still there is still more equipment that you could require according to your business so do go through what you need wisely. Even if you are planning to begin a small business, it does not mean you don’t need a network. A network can be very beneficial for your business especially if you are working online.

Just like any building, if built on a strong foundation, can withstand an earthquake. Hence, your network is your foundation. The stronger the network, the bigger growth your business will reap.

So plan wisely and success is yours.

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