Secure Your Data With Data Encryption

Secure Your Data With Data Encryption

Friends, when we willing to secure our data, it may comes various tools in market, which budget to your wallet. Its good now here I am putting some tricks with all to Secure Your Data With Data Encryption, which is at no cost. Data encryption can be defined as when data which is in text format is converted into meaningless cipher text by means of suitable algorithm. Data encryption is done so that authorize parties can access it. The use pseudo-random encryption key generated by an algorithm is done to encode a message or information.

Data encryption is done to securely protect folders content, which could contain emails, chat histories, tax information, and credit card numbers. Data encryption used to make sensitive data more secure and the person who doesn’t have any authorize access should not make any changes in it.

Data encryption makes data unreadable by transforming the information. Data is so secured that even if anyone gain access to someone computer but until he have complicated, expensive software or the original data key he will not able to access that

There are several steps to encrypt the file and that steps are

  • First of all select the file or folder you want to encrypt.
  • After selecting the file then right-click the file or folder and select Properties.
  • There is the option of general tab, on that click on advanced button.
  • Click on check box for the “Encrypt contents to secure data” option.
  • Clicks on apply and then OK.

There is one more method to encrypt the data and that method is

  • While encrypting data first step is to head towards system preference in that there is security and privacy
  • After clicking Security and privacy you will redirected towards FileVault
  • At bottom left handed there will be option of lock, so click on that and enter password when prompted
  • Post insertion of password click on turn on File Vault button.
  • When all steps are completed there will be notification to restart computer so follow that process and then you data will be encrypted.

Different methods of Encryption

There are three different methods of data encryption method and that are

  • Hashing: -To create unique, fixed-length signature for a message or data set hashing is used. Each and every “hash” is unique and any minor change in the message can be easily tracked. After data is encrypted by hashing then it cannot be reversed or deciphered. Hashing is not used much because it is not that much technical but still data provided in hashing cannot be tempered.
  • Symmetric methods: – Symmetric encryption can also be called as private-key cryptography because the key which is used to encrypt and decrypt message much remain secure. If in case anyone gets the key then he can decrypt the data easily. With the help of this method sender encrypts the data with one key, send that data and then the receiver use the key to decrypt the data.
  • Asymmetric methods: -As symmetric method is private key, Asymmetric method is public key cryptography. Asymmetric key use two keys for encryption and decryption of the data. It is much more secure method. The public key is freely available to everyone and they can use to encrypt the message and a second key is private key which is used by the recipient to decrypt messages.

Troubleshooting steps for data encryption method

  • Incorrect passphrase: – First of all confirm the passphrase entered while encrypting the data by selecting the show keystrokes checkbox. Moreover as security level, the characters typed for the passphrase are not visible on the screen.
  • Internet user policy: – Policy of user should be checked. For this examine WDE tab for the user policy to determine user permission for internal and removal disk.
  • Server Availability: – There is a server name Symantec Encryption Management Server which is available for the client to send the whole disk recovery token (WDRT). For this check proxy settings and network connectivity to Symantec Encryption Management Server. To connect to the server try via Telnet over post 443.

One may also check with user based data security.


There are three methods which can be used for data encryption. Data encryption is very necessary in either legal or other reason when transmitting information. So chose any method and secure your data and make it protected.


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