How to Restore and Import Email Data in Outlook Express?

Yes! Outlook express items restoration is so simple and it can be done by you. I am going to tell you about Outlook restoration. Restoring different items is easy.

But, if someone uses different names in Outlook Express, then it might require the re-generation of identifications prior following the steps meant for restoring the items. One needs to follow the restoration steps given below separately for each identity.

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Import Outlook Items

The restoration process is a four stage process. First, it is about importing the items from the backup folder, the steps of which are given below.

  • Import messages from the backup folder
  • Go to the File menu, then to import, and put a click on Messages.
  • You can find ‘Select an email program to import from the box’.
  • Put a click on Microsoft Outlook Express 6, and then put a click on “Next”.
  • Click on Import mail from OE6 store directory, and click on “OK”.
  • Put a click on “Browse” and find “Mail Backup” folder; Click on it.
  • Click on “OK”, and on “Next”.
  • Put clicks on each folder, then click on Next, and finish by clicking “Finish”.

Import Adress Book

This concludes importing message from the backup folder. Given below are steps for importing the address book file.

  • Go to File menu, click on import, and then put a click on “Other Address Book”.
  • Put click on “Text File” (the Values separated by commas).
  • Click on Import, and then on Browse.
  • Go to Mail Backup folder and select it. Click on the .csv file (the backup for address book), and put a click on Open.
  • Click on “Next” and finish by clicking “Finish”.
  • Then just click “OK” and close.

Restore Email File

The next process is about importing the mail account file as given below.

  • First import the mail account file, go to Tools menu and click on Accounts.
  • You can find the Mail tab there, click Import.
  • Select the Mail Backup folder within the inbox.
  • Put a click on the mail account to be imported and then click Open.

(The above steps have to be repeated for every mail account to be imported).

Import Newsgroup File

The final stage of the process is about importing the newsgroup account file, the steps of which are given below.

  • Go to the Tool menu and click on “Accounts”.
  • Find the News tab and click on Import.
  • Find Look In box, and select the Mail Backup folder there.
  • Put a click on the news account to be imported, and then click on ‘Open’.

(Continue the above steps for each news accounts to be imported before you close).

I have written a post for Outlook restoration. I hope that you would like it. Thanks for coming…

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