Things to Remember While Changing Your Hosting Server

Transferring a domain of any site to a new hosting is a daunting task, irrespective of the CMS (Content Management System) you are working on. You have to be careful while doing so as there are several things you need to keep in mind for successful transfer of the domain.

You must be wondering why the domain transfer is so important. There are many reasons why you need to transfer the domain. Enlisted below are some of them:


1. Cost

Often it is seen that the registrar asks for too much for the renewal of the domain & hosting. If you transfer the domain to another server, it may save your some money. Another thing to consider is that free website hosting generally comes with annoying promotional ads that are most of the time irrelevant. It is better to spend a few bucks and shift to another host rather than, bear with the advertisements.cost


2. Customer Experience

The customer experience varies in every platform. It is quite likely that the new domain registrar is easier to use with a better user interface.


3. Flexibility

CMS like WordPress is much more flexible and user-friendly when it comes to hosting a website. As it is open source, there’s a huge scope to explore. You can customize it to match your business requirements. It gives you free as well as premium themes in the theme directory.


4. Search Engine Optimization

CMS like WordPress come with useful SEO plugins through which you can optimize your website for search engine ranking and get quality traffic.



5. Better Functionality

Transferring your domain in new hosting ensures better functionality for your website as it offers ample applications in the App Market.


6. Ownership

If you are looking forward to owning your website completely, you should consider transferring your domain to WordPress or similar CMS host.

Let’s discuss in detail what you should remember while transferring your domain in the new hosting.

1. Always have a backup of the website

Whenever you are transferring a website to the new hosting server, you should have a complete backup of the website. Be it the files, database or the website content, make sure you have it all backed up, lest an inadvertent circumstance takes place and you lose it all.


2. Export Your Database

You can export, your database information through a third-party program like phpMyAdmin. It is the simplest way to export all database information in SQL file format. You can select the database from the table, and save that file directly on your computer.


3. Choose Your Hosting Provider

Before finalizing your new hosting provider; make sure it fulfills your all your requirement. Do some research, and make a checklist of your hosting related requirement. The most important thing, it should provide you best technical support to avoid any error without affecting your reputation and search engine ranking. Some most common technical requirement checklist is:

  • Server Operating System, Supported Technology & Coding.
  • What is the bandwidth they are offering (fixed or unlimited)
  • How a hosting company provide technical support (email, phone & online)
  • Hosting upgrade and downgrade option and charges

Make sure you clarify every doubt with your new hosting provider; before making any final decision. You can also read their rating & review to understand their customer response quality.

choose your hosting

4. Hosting Location of Your Website

A server location is a physical hosting place; where your website database is being hosted. In simple term, the longer the distance of your hosted server from your target country, the longer it takes to load in their browser. Therefore, when you are choosing your hosting location, keep it near to your targeted country. If your website is dealing with multiple countries; then use cloud hosting. A cloud hosting is a virtual server that delivers the website information remotely.


5. Import Database & Upload in New Hosting Server

There is various reason responsible for database import, and you must have some basic skill to import your database file. The database import is necessary to keep a backup, changing hosting company or upgrading the current hosting plan. The most efficient method is MySQL database migration. Once you export the database file from your previous hosting server, you need to upload the file to your fresh hosting server.


6. Transfer Your Domain Properly

When you moving your database to a new hosting provider (example: GoDaddy to HostGator), you need move the domain name as well. This process generally required changing the setting in DNS (Domain Name Server). Some domain registrar required authorization code (EPP Code), before transferring a domain to their server. Contact your hosting provider for more information and step by step support.

transfer your domain properly


7. Your admin email address should be accessible and valid

The details of the domain transfer such as the Form of Authorization(FOA) email are sent to the admin email address. You would not be able to get the FOA email if this email account is invalid or you do not have access to it anymore. Make sure you remember the password to this email address.


8. Install SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a must for securing the data transmission on your website. SSL Certificate works by encrypting the information shared between the server and browser. You must install SSL certificate on your web server to enable HTTPS on your website, and for better search engine ranking and inculcating a sense of trust in your website visitors or customers. The ever-increasing incidences of cyber-crimes have mandated the use of these security certificates from a reliable certificate authority like Comodo SSL. You can purchase SSL Certificate of trusted SSL Certificate from a reseller like Cheap SSL Shop at an affordable price.


9. Wait for the domain to be transferred

7-10 days is the usual waiting period for the domain transfer in any host. After the waiting period, your website is transferred to the new host.

wait for 7-10 days


Final Thoughts

Beginners may have a tough time migrating their domain in new hosting, so it is recommended that they should take help of experienced and proficient web developers before transferring the domain. This will make the entire process smoother and warrant a flawless experience, especially for the novice.

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