Companies spend lots of money and time in establishing their brand. They can’t make even a simple mistake in this procedure. You have to be careful while brand, even some established companies made deadly branding mistakes. You can avoid this mistake by working with branding agency services. To prevent costly blunders in branding procedure, here are a few highlighted mistakes to consider.

Inconsistency Across Several Mediums and Platforms

Consistency is the first rule of strong branding. By presenting a dependable identity to a potential audience, you can foster a sense of comfort and trust for consumers. An inconsistent company will appear untrustworthy, disjointed and unprofessional.

Consistency begins with coordination of visual assets across each platform your business represented: print materials, ads, social media accounts, website, etc. It doesn’t mean to slap your log everywhere to align your graphic identity. You have to follow a specific style of your brand.

Heavy Use of Design Trends

Use of the latest design trends and branding is necessary to give a contemporary and fresh look to your company. You can follow the latest trends, but understand the difference between losing your primary identity and remodeling your brand.

It seems easy to choose a fresh look for your brand, but your brand should reflect multiple waves of trends. By running after trends, you are actually decreasing the life of your brand. As a simple rule, follow design trends for inspiration, but don’t depend too heavily on them while planning your next redesign.

Staying Away from Origin

Redesigning of a brand is necessary to make it contemporary and fresh, but don’t stray far from the original design that has a significant contribution to your success. Abrupt, major changes in your logo can estrange the loyal followers of a brand. Carefully make changes in your current brand design so that your audience can recognize you even after a redesign.

A famous logo redesign blooper of GAP is enough to understand the consequences of drastic changes. The Gap was working as a clothing retailer with their square logo. In 2010, they made a drastic change in logo to follow new trends. As per a spokesperson of Gap, they made a radical shift to transit brand image from classic design to cool, attacritive and modern. Unfortunately, they obtained negative feedback and decided to re-adopt their classic box design.

Wrong Associations to Brand

For branding, use your company logo and name selectively. If you want to attach the name of your brand with something, it should look compatible with the voice and value of your brand. A famous example of wrong branding is Colgate. Colgate is renowned for its toothpaste brand, but they made a major mistake in 1982. Colgate released a line of frozen entrees with the name “Colgate Kitchen Entrees.”

They were working as a successful company, but their brand became a major problem. Colgate was famous as a toothpaste brand and they introduce ready-to-eat food items under the similar logo and brand name. Their logo didn’t work for their new products. Regardless of the taste of food, their new products were a big flop.