Portable health gadgets that can improve your life.

We have heard it countless times, “health is wealth”. As time goes on, there have been advances in technology like a blood pressure watch, that ensures we can monitor our vital signs with gadgets like our smartphones, so we can live out our best lives in good health.

Not only do these advances in technology help use monitor our vital signs, they can also work to help us stay fit, further encourage us to begin and stick with healthier habits. Some gadgets are also designed with the aim of aiding people who suffer from one form of chronic condition on the other. The goal is for them to manage it better.

Let’s see some of these gadgets that can quite literally change or save your life.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

This is used to monitor your blood pressure . It combines an elegant, minimalist design with ground breaking innovative technology. It is a small compact gadget which is easy to use.  Strap it on regularly and make sure your blood pressure levels stay within normal.

Smartphone Breathalyzer

No one wants to be pulled over by the police because you were weaving in and out of lanes while driving. This is where this gadget comes in handy. Used to monitor your BAC levels to make sure they are within accepted limits. It can also help you order a taxi to take you home.

Brain Sensing Headband

This headband monitors your brain activity . it can be used while you meditate. The results it records can also be transmitted to your smartphone. Using superior EEG technology, your brain waves are monitored to ensure they are within normal readings and also if any possible wave anomalies are detected with will show up in the transmitted results. This is a great gadget to have as they say ’the brain is the engine of the human body’

Water Purifier

We all know bacteria love water. We can contact various life threatening diseases from the water we drink. The water purifier helps us kill off up to 99.9% of germs which is found in water. So, when you go camping or even on a road trip, as long as you are not sure of the water source, this device is a must have. Place it into the water for a number or seconds, say 30-60 seconds. It will display two different kinds of emojis to tell you if the water is safe for drinking or if it is not.

Germ Eliminating Travel Wand

This is a must have for everyone. Using a UV-C light, it has the ability to kill up to 99.9% of germs found in various surface we come in contact with. Airline seats, tables, chairs. There are different bacteria which make these surfaces their home and they might cause some health issues in our bodies if we come contact with them. The germ eliminating wand will ensure most of these bacteria die and not cause us any health issues.

 Personal EKG

Used in tracking your heart health anytime and anywhere. Trust me, it’s simple and easy. Strap, track, record, note, and be on your merry way with no fear of waking up in the intensive care unit.

Portable Gluten Tester

 This portable gluten tester is small and pocket-sized which makes it easy to carry around with you. You don’t want to get a severe reaction which could land you in the emergency room. So, what you need is a gluten tester and a portable on at that to make sure your meals are safe for eating.

Tracker-Watch Hybrid

Count your steps while climbing, track your swimming, monitor your sleep, record calories you have burned, all with the aid of this stylish track-watch hybrid. It can be linked to your iPhone and it comes in a variety of colours. The material is high grade and limited in wear and tear. The watch tracks your heat rate which tends to increase when you are involved in some of the mentioned exercises. Stay safe by wearing a tracker-watch hybrid.

Teeth Whitener

Using technology that can only be described as futuristic, the teeth whitener has be designed for you to see vast improvement in your teeth in just 5 days of use.  It also comes with other things in the kit such as lip balm, mouthpiece and whitening gel. This ensures that not just your teeth is improved on but your whole mouth  is taken care of.

These lists of gadgets are not exhaustive. But the following listed above are just some of the few which will help improve your life. Taking care of your health should not be left to only instances where there is a scare. Or to only times when we go for a check-up. We have the responsibility to check and take care of our health every day. So, these gadgets are designed to help us achieve just that. They are all portable meaning we can carry them around when we go to work, the store, travel ,on vacation, virtually everywhere we go. Therefore, we have no excuses when we suffer any ailment e.g. ailments from drinking polluted water, which could have been prevented if we had any of this portable devices. Monitor your blood pressure, eat more slowly, get relive from pain, purify your water when you are on the move or even engaged in outdoors activity like camping. These are a few of the things which portable health gadgets can help you achieve. As time goes on, we hope to see the invention of even more devices which will help tackle more problems which we face as relates to out health. Tracking, your health cannot be overemphasised, especially your blood pressure. As any cause for alarm in this area could lead to various other problems. If you don’t have any of the above named devices, try and get one or two which you need and watch your life improve health-wise for the best.

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