How to Open a Corrupted Pen Drive In Windows Operating System?

I am going to tell you about How to open a corrupted pen drive? Nowadays, many people face the problem of corrupted pen drive. But don’t worry, I will tell you the solution about this. First, we have needed to know about Pen/ Flash/ USB drive.

We keep many data on out USB drives and on the memory card or on the pen drive. Many times you might even use a high capacity USB drive as your primary way to use for creating backups. It might go wrong or it cannot be restored.

Pen drive is a second way to store any information up to the data, first is our hard drives. So it helps up to expandable given drives to us, which we can store any data which is official.

If your windows flash drive is failed or corrupted and it is unable to open you must follow these easy steps:-

You Must Check The Basics.

Okay, I know this sounds simple, but have you performed some elementary troubleshooting steps?

For example, have you tried your memory device in a different port or on a different computer? Have you given it a little wiggle to make sure all the connections are touching each other?

Sorry, but I had to ask… Now, let’s take a more technical look at the problem.

corrupted pen drive

You Should Change The Drive.

If you switch your USB into your computer can use see on your screen The drive in file explorer.

It’s easy to change the drive letter.

  • You should click on the Start menu
  • Type ‘Disk Management’ in the search box.
  • On the viewed page, Select Create and Format hard disk partitions.
  • You must situate the USB stick in the list of the drives and right click on the drive.
  • Choose change drive paths and letters.

Then click on change and select a new alphabet from drop down option (Menu). From the next time when you connect your USB drive. It will use a new alphabet.

Reinstall Your Drives.

Leave your USB stick or memory card stacked in only. Open your drive manager. You can find it by right-

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • At once your Device manager has opened up, Click on the disk drives to expand the start menu.
  • You can see there a list of all the drives connected to your system.
  • Right click on the memory device that you are trying to fix and select uninstall the device.

Then you remove your external device that you have connected. And restart your Computer. when the startup process is completed then again watch it on PC. Then windows will automatically detect it and again reinstall flash drives.

The Main Thing is to Check Your Device.

There are several ways to check the device but the simple way is by the Windows Explorer.

Go to option on THIS PC. And you can find there that you have connected the external drive. Right click on it and select the last option that is properties.

On the new windows, bar selects the tools options. And click on Check. Windows will automatically scan the drive and report back your results.

In this session, we learned about how to open a corrupted pen drive and USB drive. I hope, this information will help you to understand it. thanks for reading, if you like this then Please share this article.

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