How to Make an App Like Spotify

Today, there are very many music streaming applications. However not most get the breakthrough that they intend. Most of them do not get to make huge profits. Only a limited number of music streaming companies reap huge revenues. Reputable companies and reputable service providers mostly make these applications that make and reap huge revenues. Also, they use recent technology and strategies.

An excellent example of a proper, reputable and revenue reaping application is Spotify. Spotify is very popular and has about 75 million users all around the globe. It is both free and paid. However, free subscribers will be limited to the number and the type of songs and albums they listen. Making music streaming application is a process that requires much patience. So how do you make an app like Spotify or rather what does it take to build music streaming app like Spotify?


The first step to making a music streaming application is planning. You have to prepare a plan on how you will outdo the other music streaming application already in the market. Mostly the plan will involve studying the competitors and coming up with a feature for your application that the competitor does not have. Also, you need to know and evaluate your target group. That is their age, how they live, their music genre and so much more. An application is made to fit the needs of the target audience.


Also under planning is where you find a technical crew. Finding a technical crew comes after you have decided how your app will look like, the professional team will then help you build it. When choosing the right company to offer you technical support and to create the app consider the following factors.

  • Their location
  • Their rates and cost
  • Their time zone differences
  • Their language
  • Their experience in music streaming application

Also, plan on cost, this will be determined by how much are willing to spend on the application.

Deciding on the platform

When making an application like Spotify, it is essential that you understand the purpose of the application. Understanding the purpose will also make it easy to choose the preferred platform to run it on. For instance, Spotify is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Deciding on the platform where your music application will be, will ensure that it is easy for the technical crew develops music streaming and authentication features.

Acquiring a license  

You need to get a permit for your music streaming application regardless of what country you are. You cannot just take someone’s compositions and spread it all over the internet and the world at large. When it comes to music streaming, there are copyrights and legal procedures that must be followed. If you distribute other peoples music on your app without permit and licenses, you risk being sued in court and paying a lot of money, thus making losses. To distribute high-quality music, you have to be issued with a Public Performance Rights license. You will also be required to pay the artists royalties for using their music. For instance agencies issuing licenses in the US include, ASCAP, BMI, and

Developing the app

After you have figured the purpose of the application and also figured how it works and has acquired the license, it is time now to create it. Developing an app is merely giving it the features that will make it desirable for people around the globe to use it. Below are the features to consider when developing an app.

1. Design

The design of your music streaming should be unique and creative. It should be user-friendly to allow easy navigation.

2. Registration

It is a significant feature, the customer creates a profile and registers to acknowledge that they will use the app frequently. Once a customer registers, he/she can create their playlists and even share them with their friend on social media. The app should allow their customer to register with their social media pages.

3. Music streaming

The implementation of music streaming is the most challenging and consumes a lot of time. A good app should stream high-quality music, both audio and video. The streaming should be fast and should not be buffering. Android developers use network protocols such as HTTPS, SDP, and media formats like AAC LC and FLAC. With iOS platforms, it is advisable to use HTTP.

Music Streaming

4. Search

Any given music streaming application ought to have a search feature. Customers can select and look for certain types of music and albums that they should listen.  

5. Offline mode

This feature will allow the app users to continue using the app and listening to music even without the internet connection at any given time.

6. Push notification

Just like Spotify, your app should be able to alert the registered customer of new songs and albums.  
In conclusion, it is advisable to equip your app with a question and answer feature where people can give their feedback about the app.

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