A List of Online Universities That Offer Laptops for Freshmen

The field of computers’ educational utility is reprimanding that every school should begin programs where students are engaged in computer classes. In response to these demands, several universities are improvising mechanisms to lower the cost of laptops for students. Sometimes the minimal savings of students can be so drastic based on the current price of a laptop which ranges from $500 – $2,000 or even higher than this.

Many of the campuses and colleges giving free laptops normally consider these factors and include them in the tuition. Other schools evaluate the matter separately through a one-time payment of fees or decide to do it on a recurring basis. In most cases, these colleges allow students to possess laptops even upon graduation. So, you don’t have to buy a laptop for college especially when admitted to such schools.  

These online colleges that issue free laptops include:

Wake Forest University

This university offers a variety of laptop options such as Apple MacBook Pro and Dell XPS models at different cheap prices. Students can enjoy the significant discounts, warranties, insurance policies, and campus technical support staff allowed by the university.

Bethel University

Bethel is a private university that specializes in liberal arts. This school offers laptops to every incoming freshman during orientation service. The admitted on-campus freshmen should pick their laptops before the end of the first semester otherwise the offer is forfeited.

Bethel University

Centenary College

All admitted on-campus students at the centenary college located in New Jersey are entitled to a laptop that’s preconfigured to the colleges’ wireless network. The students can choose to leave their laptops with the school to keep for them, or they can also go home with their laptops during summer and winter breaks.

College America

This private university is known to offer excellent hybrid and online degree programs. All undergraduates are entitled to a laptop which becomes students’ property after graduation. The issued laptops are installed with software that relates to the student’s degree program. The students are not asked for an additional fee because everything is included in the tuition fee.

Chatham University

Every student admitted to this liberal arts university is eligible for 13-inch MacBook Air. The school also provides four years of accidental damage and theft insurance other than the manufacturer’s warranty allowed.

Full Sai University

This is a private university that admits first-year students that are aspiring to pursue programs in media and entertainment. The most significant programs in this college include web design, film, design, and animation. The school issues students with a MacBook Pro which is normally preloaded with the current software tools in the technological industry.

Northwest Missouri State University

The school provides laptops for hire or rental to undergraduate and full-time students for use until the completion of the program. Tuition comes with a cost of 14-inch HP EliteBook 840G1 Notebook, having an Intel i5 processor in addition to 128GB solid-state hard drive plus a 4GB RAM with a webcam.

Purdue University

Purdue University is among the most prestigious universities issuing discounted laptops to students. The laptops come with a range of deals of various brands and products such as Apple, HP, and Dell.

Bethel University

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