How to Hide Folder/files in Windows OS? Tech Prompts

Sometimes we should keep our files personal, So we should need to hide folder and files from people. It is not the necessity to keep hidden files from other, but at a condition, we need to keep our files and folders from other at our work or anywhere else.

Windows provides a unique and fast method to hide folder and files, it does not show hidden files and folder. You can also hide Individual folders/files by using the Windows command prompt. As other many features are also there to hide as software, command line, registry editor. But in a simple way by using windows explorer.

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Here In This Session, I Will Show How To Hide The Folders Or Files In Your Personal Computer.

Hide Folder and Files in Windows 7

1- In your PC open any folder or file.

2- Go to Tools-Folder options.

3- In the folder options, you should to View Tab.

4- Under your folder and files you find their an option Hidden Files and you must Select Don’t show hidden files.

5- Click OK and with the next few steps proceed to hide a folder.

6- Right-click on the files or folder you want to hide and select the properties, in the general TAB check an option their “hidden”

7- Click OK to save your own changes.

Hide in Windows 8/8.1

1- Firstly you should select the file or folder you want to hide.

2- Then right-click on the folder or file and just select “properties”.

3- On the Main General Tab you should click on the “Advanced Button”.

4- Next you should click on the box for the “hide folder to secure your files”.

5- Lastly just apply and then Click OK and save your changes.

Your folder or files are hidden….

Hide in Windows 10

1- We need to make files and folders within hidden option.{File Explorer}

2- You should go to View Tab and then click on the option.

3- You must select change folder and search options.

4- On the main View tab select Don’t show the hidden files (files or folders).

5- Under the advanced settings and just click OK.

Your folder or files are hidden….

Here is the simple way to hide Mac OS X file

1 – In your MAC  PC, you should open terminal found in Finder.
2 – Next you will find their an application setting and in that an option of “Utilities”.
3 – Then click on “Return”.
4 – Hold the option or Alt button and then right click on the finder icon in the dock.
5 – Lastly click on the relaunch.

Your folder or files are hidden….

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