Why Should We Like GoDaddy Email Services For Business?

Everyone knows about GoDaddy Email And Their Services. Because GoDaddy is one of the topmost domain providers in the world. And It also gives the services of Hosting, Email, Web Security and much more.

Why do we love to use GoDaddy services? because it provides 24×7 technical support and with also chat support. Why is GoDaddy popular?  GoDaddy commands the world’s largest cloud platform which is dedicated to independent and small ventures.

With 73 million domain name under management and more than 17 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, attract customers, manage their work and build a professional website.

What does GoDaddy Email Marketing include?

  • GoDaddy is a mobile-friendly design which works perfectly on any device and looks great.
  • GoDaddy offers such reports that show which emails get opened, shared and clicked.
  • GoDaddy is like a signup form for your website or a Facebook page.
  • GoDaddy is a seamless integration with an Online store and Website Builder.
  • GoDaddy helps in automatic removal of unsubscribes, duplicates and bad addresses.
  • GoDaddy offers clickable buttons for better response.
  • GoDaddy offers a simple drag-and-drop email composer.
  • GoDaddy offers authentication tools and world-class infrastructure.
  • GoDaddy offers simple integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, Etsy and many more.
  • GoDaddy offers template which is designed for specific goals like newsletters, sales and many more.
  • GoDaddy offers smart and friendly consultants ready to help 24/7.
  • GoDaddy includes high-quality stock images that make newsletters and emails look professional.

How does GoDaddy Email work?

godaddy email

  • Grow your mailing list with Zero Effort – You need to add a signup widget to your Website Builder home page so that you are able to gather email addresses from the visitors. After this, whosoever signs up will automatically receive your next email. GoDaddy Email Marketing is available with select Website Builder Plans which helps you to build a better website within an hour.


  • The success you can see – You can easily see how the emails are performing, how many of your emails were opened, which emails got the most clicks and many more. By knowing this you can simply learn what is working and you will try to make each email more successful than the previous one.

Features of Paid GoDaddy Email

  • The way to engage with your audience
  • Cool simplicity every time – The HTML email creator uses templates and themes along with photo modules and simple text to help you create full-color emails.
  • You can simply create your own or can pick a template.
  • Type your text
  • Add our stock images or your photos

Each and every email you send looks great no matter whether you are viewing your email service on a smartphone, tablet or a laptop.

Benefits of GoDaddy Email

godaddy email

  • Email doesn’t have to be expensive – If you wish your email address to match with your domain, then you might expect to pay more for the privilege. The E-mail Plans of GoDaddy begins at Rs 39.00 per user/mo and also provides 99.9% guaranteed uptime, web access and much more.
  • Sometimes bigger is better – As email is important for your business and so email hosting service is equally important. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain host and the world’s largest registrar and so we also know the internet very well. Your email is in safe hands with GoDaddy.
  • Plans that grow with your business – Every business starts somewhere, whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop or a start-up. If you take on employees or your company gets bigger, or if you are already there or wants an excellent solution, then GoDaddy can handle your email hosting needs. In short, GoDaddy is here for everyone at every stage.
  • We are here to help – Even you know how to use email, but still, you will face some problems and will have some questions every now and then. The award-winning support staff is available 24/7/365 to assist the users. Even GoDaddy will help you to set up the email hosting accounts on your devices without any difficulty.
  • We can keep a secret – GoDaddy believes that email is between the parties involved and so it doesn’t share or access any of your data at any time. It also doesn’t deliver any ads during your online experience. It’s just one more way in which GoDaddy is watching your back.
  • No problem regarding storage – It’s the worst situation when you need to go through years of emails just to free up some space. The plans of GoDaddy range from 5 to 50 GB of storage/per user. The provided space is more than enough to store all the emails.
  • On the web or on the go – No matter wherever you are with the power of email hosting, you need to keep your inbox in sync. GoDaddy provides you with solutions that will work the way you work anywhere whether you are working on a mobile or on the web or at your desktop.

GoDaddy helps you to connect with your customers and dream up digital masterpieces in state of the art offices. They are determined to bring back power back to the people by providing small businesses the keys to drive the global economy.

GoDaddy launches hosting platform for small businesses in India. The business hosting platform has been optimized for the resource-heavy website, e-commerce, high-traffic-websites and offers products for small business which require advanced solutions with more power but lacks the deep technical expertise to manage it.

GoDaddy also slashes its website making tool rates by up to 75% to tap medium and small businesses. The new website tool which that is going to be introduced at the low price will focus on the website making from the mobile phones.

Also, some special features will be provided to the small businesses. GoDaddy has also released an iOS app named GoDaddy DomainFinder which is helpful in finding and registering domain names.

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