Tips for Downloading Torrents Safely

  1. Torrents are associated with illegal downloading. The owners of the torrents and your ISP can be able to track your IP address when downloading torrents. However, if you want to download torrents, there are numerous ways you can do it safely. If you be careful of the torrents you are downloading and the sites you are downloading from, then the process can be easy. Here are tips to download torrents safely.Do remember that Torrents Can be Dangerious & You Should be Careful While Using them. There are someĀ  Popular websites for Movies torrents Like Movirulz, Tamilrockers 123 Movies Fmovies Etc.

Use a VPN to stay anonymous

When you want to download torrents safely then a VPN should come in handy. A VPN will hide your identity and make you appear as if you are downloading from your ISP. A VPN will install software on the computer you are downloading torrents and encrypt the data you send via the internet. The encrypted data is then received by a server located over the web and it decrypted and then sent to the destination server.  The type of encryption makes it hard even for your ISP to know the sites you visit and also the content you are downloading.

use vpn

Download legal torrents

This is also another way to download torrents safely. When you download legal torrents, you keep yourself safe. When downloading illegal content with torrents particular when it comes to downloading a latest Hollywood movie that has been made available on Bluray you put yourself at risk.

Note that once a movie has been released on DVD or Bluray, the owners are keen to see people who are distributing their content without permission. To put yourself on the safe side, you need to download legal torrents. Fortunately, there are plenty of good legal torrents out there such as independent movies that are made available to download for free, content that has been in the public domain for a long period of time or software that is shared freely. there are websites to help you watch movies online without anything to download.

Download torrents from respected sites

The third approach to download torrents safely is to find torrents on respected sites. Using torrents may not only put you at risk of facing legal issues. Note that when you download a torrent, it is impossible to know the content until when the download is complete and you open the file. Opening a file that you are not sure of the content inside may put you at the risk of infecting your computer with viruses or malware since these malicious codes are hidden inside downloadable files, so once you open it, your computer gets infected.

To keep you and your computers safe, it is good to download torrents from sites that are trusted. You should avoid downloading content you find on sites that you have never come across before or sites that look suspicious.

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Download Torrents anonymously using Anomos

This is also another way to download torrents safely. Anomos is free software for Windows that helps you to download files while hiding your identity. The reason why you should use Anomos is that no one is capable of telling who is sharing content and what the content is. The software is meant to be used by novice users.


While many people have faced legal issues due to downloading illegal content, there are still legal ways to download torrents. The best way to stay safe while downloading torrents is to download from trusted sites or use a VPN to hide your identity.

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