How to Connect Hp printer to laptop ?

Hello there, many users have asked this question on how to connect the laptop with wireless printer without using the wifi router. Since 2015 most of the new hp printers come with wifi direct feature that will enable any users to connect phones and computers to hp printer without wifi router.

Use Hp Printer Wifi Direct to Connect

  • Insert the paper to paper tray and load the ink cartridge
  • Make sure the Printer is turned on and Ready to connect
  • run the application and follow onscreen instructions to install the software
  • When asked please Select Wifi direct Method to setup the printer.

if you have the printer installed but want to connect directly to windows or mac laptop then you would need a wps pin for hp printer to connect the wireless of both devices.

  • once you have the printer Go to your computer and click on the wifi icon
  • from the wifi network list please click on your Printer name and insert the wps pin that you have.

one can also use the same method to connect your phone directly to your printer. there are other methods to genrate the the printer information such as printer network name and printer password.

How to Genrate Hp Printer Network configuration Report

  • Click on the wifi direct button on the printer or press the settings
  • navigate the menu and select reports and press ok
  • select the network summary or network config page that list the details
  • Press ok to access the details and press print to get this details printed.

thses details will help you connect hp printer to laptop or phone. Please let us know if you need any more help with hp printer.

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