How to Solve Our Common Printer Problems on a network?

Printers require proper care and maintenance for an optimal performance. Sometimes printer may pop up many problems. When you are in a hurry and need to print but suddenly a problem occurs and you won’t be able to print i.e printer doesn’t want to cooperate then this must be the most frustrating situation.

Dealing with the problem of a printer can relieve a most frustrating situation it can be, you will get the faded image or the lines while printing, it may be your printer won’t be able to connect with the network, or your printer is giving you a silent treatment.

Problems may vary depending upon your printer’s model because all printers are different. Here below are some of the printer problems with their solutions to get things working again.

List Of The 5 Common Printer Problems

My Printer won’t work

printer problem

  • If your printer isn’t printing and there is no error message pointing you to the problem then check the paper power and connection.Check that printer has paper, it must be plugged in and is connected via USB, cable or the Wi-Fi is enabled.

  • If the printer is out of ink then replace it with the new one. Follow the instructions in the printer’s manual to replace the ink.

  • It is possible that the driver might get corrupted and it can be reinstalled. Make sure that printer’s driver and software needs to be installed before taking a print.

  • If it still doesn’t work then check out the printer’s user manual and if needed contact tech support team.

Paper Jam

paper jam

Paper Jams are one of the annoying situation that may occur. It will occur occasionally. Follow these few ways to reduce or eliminate the issue.

Factors that can cause paper jams:

  • Something may be fallen into the input tray it may be a rubber band, paper clip or any foreign object.

  • Papers are not loaded properly in the paper tray.

  • Dirty or damaged paper rollers.

  • Damp, wrinkled or torn paper loaded in the printer.

  • The access door of the printer might not be closed securely.

  • The tray contains more than one type of paper.

  • The paper is jammed inside the printer where you cannot see it.

  • Torn pieces of paper from a previous jam are stuck.

  • The tray is too full.

In order to reduce the above causes. Follow these steps:

  • Turn off the printer and then on it again.

  • The printer must rest on a flat surface.

  • Clear the jam from the printer i.e remove the stuck object.

  • Clean the paper rollers properly.

  • Reset the printer.

  • Service the printer.

Printer Drivers Problem

printer problem

Make sure that the Printer’s driver and the software are updated. Your printer driver acts as the translator between your computer and your printer. You may also have downloaded the wrong driver on your system. Uninstalling the driver from your system and then replace it with the up-to-date version will get your printer and system connect again and work properly.

Wi-Fi Connection

printer probem

Wireless connectivity is the one which can connect your printer to the system anywhere in your home or workplace.The connection is something which you can’t see. Sometime the Wi-Fi signal may drop and you lose the connectivity with the printer If your printer’s Wi-fi is down, unplug it and reconnect it to your modem. If your device is still not connecting to your printer, check that your Wi-fi and Bluetooth capabilities are up and operational.

A weak Wi-Fi signal will prevent you from getting the documents you need. This problem can be solved by the following

  • Placing the printer very close to the router.

  • The router should support 802.11n and offer the 5GHz band as well as 2.4 GHz.

  • Add a wireless extender or a repeater to increase performance.

Low Ink message

printer problem

If You get a low ink warning than replace the cartridges of the printer. Recent printers have ink tank indicators that will indicate you a signal when the ink is low. Whether you should continue printing or not after the warning sign depends on the output quality or the printer shutdown, forcing you to replace one or more cartridges. This will give you an idea how long to wait until you really need to replace that ink.


I have discussed the all possible issues and the common printer problems you face while printing. If you’re still experiencing printer problems then you can comment in the inbox. we will try to solve your problems.

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