How to Choose the Right CenturyLink Compatible DSL Modem

CenturyLink is famous for the reliable and fast internet speeds. Despite the reputation, there are few people complain about a slow connection. This is mostly because of underperforming or malfunction modem. When you want to enjoy a fast loading internet, it is important to choose a CenturyLink Compatible DSL Modem.

Living in the advanced technology and internet era demands us to have an ultra-fast internet. Even though when you use the most claimed fast internet, there are times when you feel like scratching the head for sluggish internet speed. The problem of slow internet connection usually is the internet service provider and also the router or modem.

Why Should You Buy a Modem?

Many internet service provider also offers modem rental, but most of the time it is better to buy your own modem for many reasons. Rental modem usually is not that expensive only around $5 to $10 for every month. That is surely not a big number, but what is the big deal?

Many people think that rent a modem is already a good deal, but the price of the solid modem is only less than $100. So, let’s say you are paying $10 each month to rent modem; you can start saving money in less than a year when you buy your own modem. In two years, you can save money for around $140 for modem rent. Besides saving money, buying your own modem gives you possibilities to get the most out of the internet connection.

save money

Things to Consider When Buying DSL Modem

Buying modem is a simple thing especially in the US but some provider may disallow it. The modem buying process may differ elsewhere in the world. However, the most important thing when buying a modem is to choose the one which is compatible with the internet provider.

Speaking of buying CenturyLink approved modems; here are some things to consider when buying DSL modem.

1. Connection

The main purpose most people have in mind when buying a modem is that it has a fast connection. Not the internet speed of connection, but the ports that the modem is equipped with. The common modem nowadays comes with an RJ-11 connection which is the standard of phone connection needed for modems.

If you want more functionality of the modem, you can choose the one with two RJ-11 connectors. Two connectors port means one port for internet connection and the other for phone connection. When buying a modem, you also need to buy a PC card modem for the computer or laptop to connect to the phone line. The common type of PC modem card is Dongle and X-Jack. Make sure that you know which one works fine for your computer.

2. Standards

In general, there are two types of standards which most manufacturers set. The KFlex and X2 are the most used standards to help achieve faster internet speed based on the internet service provider supports. The newer standard is the V.90 which claims to have the greater versatility to work with the most internet provider as well as promise offering high speeds.

3. Price Range

As with anything else that you are going to buy, the price range should be considered. Modems come in various types, brands, and price ranges. Similar to other electronic devices, the modem price is mostly associated with its quality. This means that the more expensive the price usually provides better quality and faster speed in general.

4. Internet Availability

Before buying a modem, it is also important to make sure that your location had internet signal coverage. Sadly but true, not all places have the access to internet connection. It will be such as huge waste if you buy a modem but then there is no internet signal available in your location.

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5. Compatibility

The most modem will work just great with most providers, but there are some exceptions for some brands. It is important to run a simple research on whether the specific modem will work just fine with the internet provider with simple keywords such as CenturyLink supported DSL modem. If it is not available, you can also call the customer service to gain the information that you need.

6. Modem Choice

By the time you start searching for the right modem, you will notice that there another option which is a combination of modem/router. This sounds like a good option because there is less clutter, wires, and setup. However, there are some considerations for not choosing this type of modem.

7. Check Ethernet Port

Another thing that you need to check before buying a modem is the Ethernet port. No matter how fast your modem or router is, if the Ethernet port is slow, then it will affect the connection as well. Even though there are many factors to cause internet runs slow, the connection between the Ethernet cords from the modem to the router is possibly one of them. If this is the case, you will need to up upgrade the Ethernet port to another type for a faster connection.

check for ethernet port

Final Thoughts

The main reason is that modem/router combination limits your flexibility. When you need to upgrade the modem or router, you will need to replace the entire device and get the new one for both modem and router. Even though there are many modem/router combinations come with good quality, but at certain times, you might need to upgrade one of it for many reasons. That is why buying a separate device for the modem and router is always a good choice.

Whether you want to improve the internet connection or to save money by buying a modem is always a great idea. You may need to pay some more money in the beginning, but it can be a good investment in the long run. The best thing of all is that you know that you get the maximum speed from your internet connection. The main key is to find a modem that compatible with the internet connection such as CenturyLink Compatible DSL Modem. Plus, when you can get the best router to work with the modem, you can get even better internet performance.

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