email in outlook 2010

Configure Go Daddy Email in Outlook 2010

Configure Go Daddy Email in Outlook 2010 Microsoft Outlook is an Email Platform as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Outlook mainly used for Email application and also includes a task manager, calendar, note-taking and journal and for web browsing. MS Outlook provides a web service to the users and it’s a first […]

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TubeMate Video Down-loader

TubeMate Video Down-loader is generally youtube video downloader. You can download and enjoy your favourite video using the tubemate app. All videos are locally stored in your device memory. You can watch all videos later without internet connection. TubeMate Video Down-loader helps you to download your choice videos without any trouble. You have to just […]

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corrupted pen drive

How to Open a Corrupted Pen Drive In Windows Operating System?

I am going to tell you about How to open a corrupted pen drive? Nowadays, many people face the problem of corrupted pen drive. But don’t worry, I will tell you the solution about this. First, we have needed to know about Pen/ Flash/ USB drive. We keep many data on out USB drives and […]

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godaddy email

GoDaddy Email Configuration in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Godaddy Email and Microsoft Outlook Email is both different behavior but if you will attach them to each one then it will be very user-friendly email service for you. because Faster email processing is done by MS Outlook and the user can read email without internet connection through outlook. MS Outlook also provides email attachment reminder […]

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control panel

Best Use Of Control Panel In Windows Operating System.

In Control panels most Windows commands and features using the several options and sliders in the control panel on your PC. It is the main part of the Windows Operating System. It allows the users to see and manipulate essential system settings and control via letters, Such as adding and Removing any Software or Hardware. […]

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Hide Folder

How to Hide Folder/files in Windows OS? Tech Prompts

Sometimes we should keep our files personal, So we should need to hide folder and files from people. It is not the necessity to keep hidden files from other, but at a condition, we need to keep our files and folders from other at our work or anywhere else. Windows provides a unique and fast […]

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windows task manager

Windows Task Manager: A Powerful Tool To Solve Your Big System Issues

There are several issues that come while we use the Windows Operating Systems. Many times it happens that we are not able to launch an application or it gets hanged in between and we start feeling frustrated. Also, if we try to close the application then it shows that system is not responding. In this […]

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