The Best Wireless Home Security Systems

Home security and home monitoring systems are helpful. They not only to keep intruders away but also to monitor what is happening in your home. The problem with many security systems is the wires connecting them with power outlets and other devices. In this post, we talk about the best wireless security systems manufactured by reputable home security companies.

Blink home Security System

Blink is one of the best smart wireless security systems that captures 720p video and streams it to the Blink Home monitor for a mobile app. The device is powered by a built-in battery that can last up to 12 months of use without being recharged.

Blink uses a built-in motion sensor to monitor the surrounding environs. When the sensor senses motion, it immediately sends a signal in the form of push notification and automatically starts to record the happenings. A LED light improves the camera’s poor-light performance, letting you get full-color, and better-quality video at any time.

You can also access the video feeds via the Blink app. With the help of an integrated microphone, you will see and hear what going on around your home.

Installing blink is a simple process just like putting it in an interior environment with Wi-Fi access. If you want to get more coverage, buy an additional unit and connect it with the mobile app. You will easily monitor your whole house.

You can also install a blink cam in your bedroom since it comes with non-hackable and hardware-based LED display that protects your privacy. This will ensure that no one sees what the camera lens captures besides you.


ADT is one of the oldest and famous home security companies. ADT’s wireless security services are known to have high-quality infrastructure as they are built around high-quality hardware such as ITI, GE and Honeywell. The company provided a service package that offers affordable cost component replacement services.

Unlike most service providers that outsource, ADT operates its service centers. Once you pay for the service, you will select the equipment component for your home security needs from a vast list if security gadgets. Apart from the traditional detectors, you will get a wireless system that offers video cameras and remote control that allows you to switch the lights off or on, lock or unlock doors. You will be able to stream video cameras to your mobile phone. ADT offers home automation that incorporates with Nest and Alexa. There is also a mobile app that lets you to arm or disarms the system, voice commands that enables you to control the security system. As illustrated by Asecurelife, investing in a good home wireless security system will help you monitor your home remotely.

Some of the things that makes ADT one of the best home security companies is that its wireless service offers a six-month trial, several monitoring centers owned by the provider, mobile access and offers Alexa/Nest automation.

However, it does support DIY installation, and it’s tied to a 3-year contract. Otherwise, this is one of the best wireless security system.


This is another excellent wireless security system company that has been in the industry for 12 years. The service provider is highly regarded due to its aptitude to match functionality with reasonable prices. According to Forbes, Simplisafe is the best-monitored wireless security system since it’s cheap, reliable and comes with an easy to use live-monitoring security option.

Additionally, it is a DIY security system that offers a high level of versatility and flexibility. It is ideal for people who need an affordable wireless security system. The company provides a 3-year warranty for faulty devices and a 2-month cash-back guarantee. When you buy the device, you will get a separate controlling base station, an interior cam with a motion detector, HD video, night vision, and wide-angle view.  You will also get a keychain remote that allows you to disarm or arm the security system. It also has a panic button. You have the option to purchase the device with or without a monitoring package. This means you can monitor the system yourself you want to.

Nest Camera Outdoor Security System

Nest Labs is the leading producer of home automation, self-learning, sensor-driven, fire sensor, and other security systems. The company has a Nest app that allows you to view clear 1080p HD video. The camera comes with a wide-angle lens that gives an excellent view of what is offered by an ordinary camera. The lens is enclosed in a weatherproof body that has a built-in speaker and microphone. With this, you can use the cam to interact with your children, mailman, and house manager or aging parents.

You don’t have to be a professional to install the camera. Has a magnetic base that attaches itself to any metal surface and you fix the camera in an outdoor outlet and allow it to stream video to your mobile wirelessly.


Investing in an active home security system is essential as it guarantees the security and safety of your family even when you are away. Therefore, you need to work with reliable home security companies to make sure your security needs are met.

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