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Best 14 Free Games Without WiFi or Internet Connection

Hello, Friends, I’m going to explain about top free games without WiFi which no need for any internet connection or mobile data. So No matter how advanced the technologies of our smartphones are, each and every one of us will have the odd moment in which the Internet connection will shine by its absence: whether it is a plane trip or a subway, they are some of the occasions in which we are forced to park for a moment the social networks, but at the same time they are perfect to enjoy our favorite games.

The main problem is that most games available require an Internet connection. Therefore, today, we have decided to bring you games without WiFi and very fun games that do not need you to stay connected to a Wi-Fi network or a mobile data network.

In many occasions we do not have Wi-Fi, we are away from home, from work, etc. But maybe not data or at least we do not want to spend them taking a moment to some fun game. For these occasions and unforeseen several, we bring you a list of the best games without WiFi.

14 Best Free Games without WiFi

I have listed the best 14 free no wifi games which run very smoothly on mobile without Internet and data. So don’t be late for downloading this game. Now you can play games offline anywhere, anytime.

Fail Hard

Fail Hard Looking at the images, it might seem that Fail Hard is a motorcycle game like the thousands that exist on Google Play. But the truth is that as soon as we play for the first time, we know that we are facing a very different game, with a much funnier mechanic that consists of stamping in the most spectacular way possible, while trying to get as many coins.

The most curious thing about this game is that the physics are very careful, and the controls are even more intuitive than in other games of the same style. Without a doubt, one of the funniest games in this compilation.


  • Great graphics
  • Good controls
  • Many levels
  • Amazing vehicles

Download fail hard online for android

Ninja UP

The games of jumps and platforms also have a place in this compilation. Ninja UP! is a game developed by the popular company Game loft, that puts us in the skin of a Ninja and our mission is to go jumping through the platforms to reach the highest possible, avoiding the obstacles and enemies that will stand in our way. In addition, the main attraction of Ninja UP is that it is free, and does not need an Internet connection.


  • Original graphics
  • High scores
  • More User-Friendly

Download Ninja Up online from play store

Temple Run 2

A classic among the classics, Temple Run 2 you can find on Google Play, describing itself as an “endless running”, that is, start running and arrive as far as you can. Your mission will be to travel the jungle avoiding and jumping the obstacles that you find in it. If you fail, you will fall into the void and return to the starting point, do you think you will get very features.


  • Beautiful new graphics
  • Gorgeous new organic environments
  • Special powers for each character
  • Bigger monkey!!!

Download Temple Run 2 from the play store online

Zombie Age 3

A saga of zombie games that stands out for the variety of characters and weapons that you will have to bring destruction to the streets of the city infested by walkers.


  • Enjoy the zombie slaughter in many different ways
  • 30+ deadly weapons
  • 20+ characters
  • 10+ different zombies
  • Truly HD graphic

Download Zombie Age 3 online from play store

Heart Star

One of the most original platforms that we have been able to meet lately and in which the protagonist takes two nice characters who will have to take each other to finish the levels.


  • Simple Games
  • Especially for Newbie
  • Solid Graphics
  • Good Control

download heart start online from playstore

Yobot Run

A monochromatic platform with a retro visual style that draws from the source of inspiration that Nintendo has always been and its great Mario, and from which we have Super Mario Run for days. Elegance in the pixel with Robot Run.


  • 8-bit retro style graphics and animations
  • Retro chiptune music
  • 30+ levels
  • Google play leaderboard

Alto’s Adventure

When we are waiting for its continuation to arrive for summer, Alto’s Adventure is one of the most beautiful video games on Android. The change of lighting between the different meteorological events, such as rain, makes the screen look like never before, while we slide the snowboard over the mountains.


  • High-level graphics
  • Music and sounds quality good
  • Most user-friendly

Download Alto’s Adventure from google playstore

Infinity loop

This game got released on 25th March 2015 on all formats of the phone i.e. iPhone, iPad, and Android game.


  • This is a puzzle game that comes with two games mode (Light mode, Dark mode).
  • Infinity loop is also known as the endless game where it is a sequence of instructions in a computer program which loops endlessly.
  • In this game, every level consists of tiles that can be rotated on a tap.
  • This is an endless game where there is hundreds of level and has many difficulties.

download infinity loop from play store

Six guns: Gang showdown

It is a challenging game where it is a third-person shooter game. This game was launched on 5 December 2011. For Android 2.3+ this game will be applicable.


  • There are 40 missions in the game with great variety and task.
  • The author of the game is Gameloft.
  • The person who played the game to unlock all 8 different horses, 19 weapons and a wide selection of clothes, ammo and other items which help in playing the game and make game adventurous.
  • It’s free of cost fun loving game

Download Six Guns from Goole playstore

Plants vs. Zombies 2

This game launched on 9 July 2013, this game is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS.


  • There are five groups of 10 levels which make the game much more interesting by having five groups are: Day, Night, Pool, Fog, and Roof.
  • The developer of the game is Pop Cap Game.
  • The game has won several awards for this VGX awards for best hand help/ Mobile game.
  • Once the game is downloaded it doesn’t require internet to play the game and game will be downloaded in the cloud but the single player can be played offline but multiplayer can be played via the internet.

Download Plants Vs Zombies from playstore


The game was launched on 26 May 2012 which was developed by Miniclip and Ndemic Creations. The platform on which this game is accessible is android, iOS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows.


  • There is one mode of the game which is single player.
  • It’s high strategy game which focuses on real-time strategy.
  • In this player has to destroy the world with the deadly plague.
  • This game is also called as simulation video game.
  • It has the great rating of 4.5 on Google play store and 4.8 in iTunes-Apple.

Download plague from playstore for free

Cut the Rope: Experiments

The game was launched on 4 August 2011 which was published on Zeptolab. This game is only available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, blackberry platform.


  • It contains 8 level packs with 200 levels with unique graphics.
  • There is a little green monster which is hungry.
  • The monsters have a superpower and this game can also be called as an animated game.
  • To unlock the new level you have to use suction cup other funny devices to collect shiny gold stars, uncover hidden prizes.
  • Game has got silver award

Download cut the rope from play store

Doctor Who: Legacy

The legacy game was released by Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio on 27 November 2013. Its Match-3 puzzles single-player video game works on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle.


  • Free of cost game which can be played by anyone on any platform
  • This game was released on the 50th Anniversary of the BBC television program.
  • The person has to collect the character to build a team of 1 Doctor.
  • This game was voted as top 50 Android and iPhone/ iPad apps of 2013.
  • This game has won two awards number 1 puzzle game for Android in the 7th Annual awards.

Download Doctor Who from play store

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles was launched by Orbital nine on Apple play store, Google play store, and Facebook. Totally free-of-cost game with lots of adventure.


  • There are 10 levels in this game.
  • It is an educational application that increases the knowledge of physics, problem-solving and basic motor skills.
  • You can purchase the application as well to unlock all levels, hints and removes all add and cost of the game is $4.25.
  • This game is single player and multiplayer game but to play multiplayer you have to unlock community level.

Download Brain it on from play store

As you can see, it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet in order to enjoy with our Smartphone. it’s total of 14 best games without wifi. Now, we would like you to leave us in the comments which are your favorite games that do not need connection.

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