Top 7 best clash royale decks Explained

Multiplayer games have been ruling the smartphone gaming industry for quite a long time now. Clash Royale is a great card-based multiplayer game available for both Android and iOS devices. This incredible strategy game is all about Summoning your troops onto the battlefield to destroy your enemy towers and defend your towers. You have a deck of 8 cards, with 4 in hand at one time. 

Best Clash Royale Decks

If you really want to master this game, then it is very important for you to select the best cards in your deck. If you don’t have much idea about selecting the right cards then, there is no need to worry about it because you are in the right place. Today, we are going to discuss the Best Clash Royale Decks.

Clash Royale has millions of players from across the globe. These players are divided into different levels/arenas. We will be discussing the Best Clash royale deck for each and every arena. Let us quickly get started.

Best Deck for Arena 1:-

In this deck, we chose troops like bomber, knight, giant, musketeers, arrows and archers. The function of each and every troop is described below:-

Knight:- Knight is one of the most versatile and balanced cards in this game. You can use it to defend your towers.

Bomber:- It is a great troop that attacks giant enemies. It can easily destroy goblins or skeleton armies. It is also one of the best troops that you can use to cause damage to the enemy towers.

Giant and Musketeers:- It is always a great choice to have both of these troops on your deck when you are in the first arena. Make sure to deploy these troops at the same time for maximum impact. 

Arrows and Archers:- These are also pretty useful cards that you can keep in your deck to attack both land and air targets. 
Now, let us have a look at the Best Royale deck for Arena 2.

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Best Deck for Arena 2:-

The second deck is all about the troops like a Baby dragon, prince, bomb tower and fireball. Functions of each of them are described below:-

Prince:- Prince is definitely the best troop for damaging the towers at arena 2. It has the ability to cause double damage to the enemy towers.

Baby Dragon:- It is another really great troop in the game. It can fly, which means that most enemies won’t be able to cause it any damage. Also, it has a great speed and damage rate.

If you really want to give maximum damage to your enemy towers, then it is recommended to use both prince and baby dragons at the same time.

Bomb Tower:- Bomb Tower is a good card that you can use to divert the enemy troops and destroy them. You can also use the skeleton army instead of the Bomb tower since it does the same thing.

Fireball:- Fireball is very useful, but only if you know how to use it. It is a bit tricky to aim with the Fireball. You can replace them with the arrow if you are not good with the aiming.

Best Deck for Arena 3:-

Functions of each and every troop:-

Giant:- It makes a lot of sense to have a giant in your deck when you are in the third arena. Deploy it behind your main tower so that you will be ready to deploy more troops with it when it reaches the bridge.

Musketeer:- It is a very useful troop because it possesses a lot of damage and it can also attack flying troops like the baby dragons. It is even capable of killing goblin or minion in a single shot.

Valkyrie:- Valkyrie is capable of causing damage to multiple enemies in a single hit. It is the best troop to kill an army of skeletons or goblins.

Barbarians:- This is a group of troops that you can deploy with a giant to cause effective damage to the enemy troops.

Spear Goblins:- You can replace the musketeers with Goblins when you reach the third arena because they can attack the enemy towers from a distance.

Baby dragon:- It is very important to keep a troop in your deck which is capable of flying and is not vulnerable to most troops.

Best Deck for Arena 4:-

The Deck that we are gonna use in the third reason is all about the combination of spells and troops like Hog rider and archer. Let us discuss the functions of these combos.

Combo of Hog rider and spell traps:- Hog rider when combined with spell traps, makes a deadly combination. Here we are replacing prince with the hog rider, making it the main destroyer of the enemy towers. You can deploy these spells on top of the hog rider to make it more powerful, increase its speed and help it to destroy enemy troops.
Combo of Spell and archers:- Archers are the best and most efficient troops that you can use to destroy the air defense of your enemies. Minion horde costs a lot of elixirs so it is a much better option to use archers

Best Deck for Arena 5:-

We are all set with a new set of cards for the arena 5 like Wizard, Minion horde, cannon, zap etc. Let us discuss the functions of these cards. 

Minion Horde:- This is a group of 6 flying Minions which possess a huge amount of damage to your enemy troops and towers.

Wizard:- It is the most versatile troop in the whole game. It is used by almost every player because it can turn enemies like barbarians and goblins into ashes in seconds. 

Prince:- You can combine prince with Valkyrie to get a deadly combination to destroy your enemies. Also, if you want to give maximum damage to the enemy towers then you should deploy the minion horde with the prince.

Best Deck for Arena 6:-

We are gonna use the tank- Pekka in this deck along with some other troops. Let us discuss its functions:-

Combo of Giant and Pekka:- Giant and Pekka are both two tanks in this game. They both can make a very good combination when it comes to defending your towers from the enemy troops. The best thing about these tanks is that they can take a lot of damage from the enemies so that you get more time to build up the quantity of your elixir.
Elixir Collector:- Elixir Collector is the most useful card in the whole game because it helps you collect elixir at a faster rate so you can deploy more troops in less time.

Best Deck for Arena 7:-

This deck is all about the deadly combination of Pekka and Wizard. 

Combo of Pekka and Wizard:- Pekka and Wizard when combined can make a deadly combination. If you deploy both of them together, Pekka will act like a tank. It will take damage from enemies while the wizard will be damaging the enemies from a distance. You can also use the baby dragon to make the combo even more deadly.

These were all the Best clash Royale decks that we could find. In case you have any queries regarding this article then you can leave them in the comments section below.

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