5 Tips for Hard Drive Maintenance to make Longer and Smoother

The hard drive is that which stores all your information. It is what all your files and folders are located. It is slightly larger than your hand. It can store over 100GB of data. The hard disk is the most important one as it holds entire system data.

The hard drive dies prior than they should be due to the lack of attention. You must always use a hard disk drive its packaged condition is always good or not.

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To access your disk utility you can follow these following steps.

  1. Press the command key + space bar in keyboard shortcut to see the search field.
  2. In the search field type “Disk Utility”.
  3. In the list of results, you must select “disk utility”.

In this article, you learn how to maintain a Hard Disk Drive:-

By maintaining your personal drive you are ensuring these two things.

  1. If you have maintained your HDD at best you can access your data quickly
  2. it is maintained safely and is available when you need.
  3. Be assured of the files and high storage.
  4. Be updated your HDD.

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These are some few steps if you followed these steps you can maintain your HDD at best condition:-

1-Protect your Computer

It’s the first thing to maintain your HDD to maintain your PC.

Only ever remove your hard drive if it is well packaged.  If it is out of the case as it is Fragile. You must ensure your PC’s cases re well out of the way to protect. It may damage or lost your data to protect your PC.

2-Use Surge Protectors

The hard disk drive is much sensitive.  Surge protectors are at the low cost nearly about 7$. So it is a small investment and no reason for it. So go for it for sure for the Hard drive. It’s going to cost a lot in terms of lifespan or reserving or lost your all data.

3-Embrace power saving

The power saving mode stops your HDD running when it’s needed. If you run several times a day you are going to increase the lifespan of your hard disk drive.  And by saving even in a minute or two’s running time several times it can be used more

4-Defragment your hard drive

Files can spread over many hard disk drives but it cant cause any damage to the hard drive. Although it means longer load times for files.  It can be done by once your HDD hits the 10% fragmentation it can advise on the current level of a user.

5-Ensure your hard drive

you can run scan disk at least once a day. This way you will ensure the problems very quickly. If you share the drive with others it will also ensure less access.


You must also check for hard drive errors. Because it can often change the limits of space of using. In this, we learned about how to maintain the HARD DISK DRIVES.

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