5 Essential Setting After Installation Fresh Windows Operating System

Everyone knows that installing or reinstalling your Windows Operating System takes time and show the best job to use fresh Windows. We all ignore our PC is working fast but also we be very careful to use its well after installing or reinstalling the PC’s Windows.

Since developing the world, we should make aware that install/reinstall the Windows Operating System, We also prefer the online improve security. So it’s better to be safe and make your computer fresh after that install/reinstall the Windows Operating System.

In This Session, I Will Tell You Some Steps And Method how to make Your Essential Setting After Your Fresh Installation Of Windows…

Firstly You Should Install a Security Against Spyware.

First of all, you must know about spyware, spyware means it refers to the subject of software which installs on your PC which sends Pop-ups, which redirects your websites in some situations.

essential settings

  1. You can prevent spyware from installing on the computer.
  2. You should not click on any suspicious pop-ups or links on your browsing windows.
  3. You should be careful Shenoy are downloading an application that is free.
  4. You should not answer any question which is not to use or simply answer NO.
  5. You must prefer good security.

Install a Protective Security For Many Defense Protective Layers

You should not trust any tradition antivirus because it cannot fully protect your PC against the malware. The financial malware is build to hatch your private data and your personal information and it uses many other nonprivate things.

You can prevent it from:- To have the best protection you can use “Zeus family” or “CryptoLocker”, this software is especially are built it.

Keep Your Windows Up to Date

it is main step to do so. If your computer is up to date then so the issue will come. To get security updates automatically. You should go to Control Panel and check that your automatic updating is turned on. You may follow these following steps.

essential settings

  1. Access the search box in your windows operating system, type update and then choose the windows to update options.
  2. then you select change settings.
  3. Click the install updates automatically (recommended).

Make a Clean Installation restore point

essential settings

After your security updates for your Windows operating system make sure that you have created that you have to build a restore point on your windows. in case any drive causes an issue on the system you can always go back to the clean installation restore point.

Create Standard User Account

Windows create some level of privileges and rights on what kind of user account we have. You can also use a standard user account or an administrator user account.
In case you want to install any application on your windows, it will ask you to provide the credit lines for n administrator account.

essential settings

We also recommend setting the best password for your personal windows on your computer.

  1. The password must contain 20 or fewer characters.
  2. Combine numbers and lower and upper case alphabets.
  3. Do not use the same password for other accounts.
  4. Change your password every 30days.

Secure Your Web Browser

it is the main tool on the internet. It is important to secure before going online.

essential settings

To safe while accessing internet web pages make sure the following things.

  1. Choose and update the latest version of the browser.
  2. Make a series of changes in security in your browser.
  3. Choose a private browsing windows session.
  4. Make your windows security.

In this session, we learned about the essential setting for installation of fresh windows operating system.

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