5 Best Photo Editing Apps For iOS Users

Hello, Friends, I am going to tell you about top 5 best photo editor app for iOS users. Almost every people love to take a selfie and click the photo from different devices. if you are the fan of iPhone then you should use this app for photo editing. But First, I will tell about iPhone. One thing that the iPhones are known for is their excellent camera quality.

The image quality of an iPhone is absolutely remarkable and hands down the best of all the smartphones.  Nevertheless, some photos may or may not be up to your satisfaction such as a blurred image, low-light images, dull images or out of focus images.

Moreover, you may need to highlight a particular subject in a photo or merely enhance it. All these things can be easily done with photo editing apps, and the best thing is, there are hundreds of them in the app store.

You can easily beautify your photos taken at the special moments, or you can add special effects to them. But, which one to choose or which one is the best? We will help you with that with our detailed list of 5 best photo editing apps for iOS.  once can always go for software like Snappic Booth


Top 5 Photo Editing App For iOS Users

These are the top photo editing apps that are recommended by the expert iPhone photographers. I have listed here…


VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company. While this is a free app, it has a lot of in-app purchases which the user feels compelled to buy to make use of VSCO’s excellent editing features. The quick editing features of this app allow tools of white balance, shadows, highlights, and exposure etc. It has a lot of natural looking effects which are really cool. This app is mostly used by professional photographers because it has a lot of stylish editing features and advanced effects which are only available on the in-app purchases.


  • Ease of use
  • Support for RAW and HEIF photos
  • Depth API support
  • Variety and quality of filters
  • The sophistication of manual adjustment tools
  • Export quality, including preservation of metadata
  • Performance

Adobe Lightroom:

This free photo editor is available for both iOS and Android users. Although it is quite a complicated photo editor app for beginners, it does offer the advanced editing tool and features like color, white balance, exposure, gradient, clarity settings etc. It has quite interesting controls which have very effective synchronization.


  • Easy to crop images
  • Creative Adjustment tools
  • Powerful RAW file editor
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Library Integration
  • Graduated Filter
  • Crop Overlay Tool
  • Web Export Features


The main downside with this app is that it is a paid photo editor app. This photo editor app is good to use if you want to make geometric adjustments, localized image editing, masking etc. Enlight offers its users a diverse and large number of preset styles, light leaks, textures, frames, borders and collage layouts. The biggest pro of this photo editing app is that it is very easy and effective to use. Its interface is quite good. This is only available in iOS devices and only available for paid users.


  • Sharing photo on social site
  • Multi-layer creativity
  • Ease of use
  • Subscription pricing
  • Best Background Effects

Photoshop Express:

This photo editing is very easy and effective to use. It offers its users advanced editing tools and features. It has a lot of correction tools along with special border effects, localized adjustments, photoshop touch ability and amazing styles.


  • one-click sharing
  • Watermark images
  • JPEG Quality output
  • Raw photo support
  • Perspective Correction
  • Edit TIFF images seamlessly

PicsArt Photo Studio:

This photo editor has really strong features with amazing results. It has both free and paid versions available. An additional feature of this app is that it allows you to create animated GIFs that can be easily used on social media. The free version of this photo editing software has limited features and the rest of the features that it offers can be obtained and unlocked by purchasing those features through the paid version.


  • Better Effects
  • Different Collage
  • Draw Image
  • One Click Sharing
  • Stunning Clarity
  • Ease of use
  • GIFs Animation Features


Adobe Lightroom is an excellent app for the beginners as well as professionals. It offers you all the functionalities from basic to advanced that are required for a smooth and effective photo editing. Its powerful and easy to use interface helps you to make your desired customizations quickly.

Photoshop Express is another best app from Adobe that comes with the same DNA of photo editing as that of its PC version. This competent app can take care of all your photo editing needs with perfection. It is preferable for professionals but also works great for beginners.

VSCO is a highly dedicated app that comes with added functionalities. Due to it being insanely feature-rich, it is mostly used by the professionals who have their basics cleared about photo editing.

Those individuals who stay connected to social media and are habited to post their photos can use PicsArt Photo Studio. It can do so much more for you than just the photo editing.

Finally, we have Enlight in the room that creates totally breathtaking photos. It can really give a complex to the PC photo editors with its powerfully advanced photo editing capabilities. Enlight is highly recommended for the professionals.

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