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Hello, Friends, are you doing the online transactions? Or you want to make online transactions. This both question is a risk for your online transaction. If you do not avoid such things while online transactions. Then you would be scammed by hackers.

Every day, a lot of people is scamming on the internet by scammer due to unnecessary things. With the digitization of the market, online transactions are on the go. If e-commerce has simplified and given ease of life, it has also put the risk of thefts and security.

10 Tips to Secure Online Transactions

I have listed some of the tricks for secure online transactions. You must follow while online transactions. Otherwise, you will be scammed by online hackers.

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1-Security software

Installing an anti-virus or a full version of protection software are the best ways to prevent the security from being compromised on World Wide Web full of malware, spam, spyware, Trojans, and phishing.


It is a protective measure used by the websites to secure data travel through internet networks. Look for signs of encryption like internet protocol or URL address starting with https (s stands for security) and a closed padlock displayed in the right corner of the screen. You Need to Visit and Have Only Ssl Friendly Websites . One Can Always find Cheap SSL Certificates at this website


3-Cash on delivery

Opting for cash on delivery is a very wise decision to make by safety point of view. Missing or ignoring in carelessness can put us in great internet risks.

4-Promotional Offers

Retail companies usually send promotional emails and coupons in the mails but should be used wisely by visiting directly the seller site and not using and giving information on the third-party coupon links sent in the mail.

5-Digital Certificate

Check for the authentication of the website by looking in for a safe digital certificate before any online transactions are prudent. Authentication service provider like VeriSign, help to make sure of the website is genuine or an imposter.


Using same passwords in a number of transactions is a common reason for cyber theft as if somehow the hackers get to know one password will virtually expose all of your accounts.

7-Avoid public computers

Using public computers or wi-fi connections is a big no-no for financial transactions. It is advised to use only own PC or electronic gadgets like mobile or tablet.

8-Phishing E-mails

These promotional emails flow in the name of banks, IT departments, RBI, etc to lure innocent people and get their sensitive data and then steal from them.

9-Trade with reputed merchant

Reputed e-commerce websites make sure of security from being compromised. Small vendors may not have enough security measures. Also, always check confirmation emails of the transactions done, to see if the correct merchandise has got the money. The privacy policy of the seller should also be checked as they may resell the personal details to market research companies, leading to leaking of the secure data, if not properly secured.

10-Updated software

Protective software can be of help only if they are latest versions of the software is installed. Even a single glitch in actively used software can lead to hacking. Webmail and browsers are most prone to such incidents, so make sure they are updated with latest versions. For this, the best way is to keep the auto-update option enabled in all computer software.


First, you should follow all these instruction while online transaction. then you should update the technology. I have listed 10 tricks for your secure transaction.



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